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Parenting Coach Shares 8 Best Ways to Handle Tantrums

Parenting Coach Shares 8 Best Ways to Handle Tantrums

8 Tips to Handle Tantrums – According to a Parenting Coach

We all are familiar with how children sometimes turn stubborn, especially small kids. Their requests cannot generally be satisfied. A few kids set unreasonable expectations also which is hard for the parents to give them. As a result, they create tantrums which becomes a troublesome issue to tackle. For little children, the reasons for fits can be little issues like needing a toy or needing somebody to play with them. According to our expert Parenting Coach, as a child grows up, their wants change – and so parents need to be able to adapt their responses.

Sometimes, the tantrums caused by children are impossible to be handled by parents. My brother’s daughter, Anu, has been creating such tantrums since she was 2 years old. When she started to grow up, we thought that she will calm herself down but the case was the opposite. My brother had to consult a parenting coach regarding the matter. Taking care of such inconveniences can be intense, yet it is an important issue to be addressed. I will share the 8 simple ways we learned from a professional parenting coach, that you can use when your child starts to act out.

8 Ways to Handle a child’s tantrums

  1. Keep yourself calm:

One practice that my brother has consistently followed is to resist the urge to panic and not lose his own temper. One day, my brother was leaving for work but Anu had made up her mind to play with her father. She was just sitting on the floor, screaming and crying, and would not let her father leave. My brother did not lose his temper, and calmly tried to explain the situation to Anu, and it really helped. You can just try to talk to your child and persuade them that you will return within some time without getting hyped up.

  1. Distract your kid:


The greatest trick of handling a temper tantrum is to distract your kid. You can give them a toy or something that they like to spend time with. This will divert their mind from what they were asking for and they will be attracted to the toy you gave them. Child psychology states that a kid will be attracted to what they love extremely quick, the same way they can lose attention from a particular thing quite fast.

  1. Communicate:

If your child is of a certain age when they can converse with you, communication is the key to convince them. Once Anu had gone shopping with her parents and wanted to buy a toy. My brother viewed it as excessively costly and refused to purchase it. She began crying and would not leave the shopping centre without buying the toy. My brother attempted to distract her but failed. At last, he sat her down and explained to her the circumstance, and tried to talk her out. Surprisingly, Anu was convinced and quietly went away with her parents.

  1. Give them space:

Another approach to prevent your kid from pitching a fit is to give them some space. Allow them to cry. Crying will lessen the anger they have formed and gradually they will calm down. In this case, if you go and talk to them, a heated argument might occur. Thus, giving your kid some time to their own can prevent such tantrums.

  1. Ignore the tantrum:

One of the viable methods to forestall the fits of the rage of your child is to ignore them completely. My brother had tried this trick with Anu and it was successful. Once, she had school from 7 in the morning and she did not want to go to a school that day. Anu had her tests going on but she started acting out in the morning. My brother decided to ignore her and let her cry and put her emotions out. After half an hour, Anu herself came and asked her father to drop her at school. Thus, ignoring your child or not giving them attention might help you to control the tantrum.

  1. Change the location:

This method might be helpful with small children. They frequently get disturbed by specific clamours or certain individuals. Suppose a person wants to play with your child but he does not want it and starts to cry. Taking them somewhere else can be refreshing and they might stop crying.

  1. Talk to them with love:


One way to stop your kid’s temper tantrum is to talk to them nicely. Try not to rebuff them or scold them brutally. This might make them more stubborn. You can calmly explain to them your reason for refusing their demands and promise to give something else to them.

  1. Do not agree:

One tip to forestall further fits of the rage of your kid is to not consent to their silly requests. Once you agree to one of their wants, they will throw a tantrum to make you agree to all of their demands. So, try and use any method but never accept their tantrums.

The above-mentioned tips have proven beneficial in the case of Anu. Do you have a small kid and want to get rid of their tantrums? I would suggest you tackle the situation calmly without scolding them. Small children throwing tantrums are very common, and you should not get stressed regarding this. Follow these ways and you can easily stop your kid from creating a scene.

When your child panics, make sure you do not and tackle them in the best possible way. If you are facing any problems regarding parenting, do not worry. Schedule a coaching session with some of the best parenting coaches to know how you can handle tantrums of your child from our community wellness platform. You can also explore their wellness store for some really helpful parenting books and guides. Happy Parenting!



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