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Happiness Coach Shares 7 Best Natural Beauty Tips

Happiness Coach Shares 7 Best Natural Beauty Tips

Happiness Coach Shares 7 Best Natural Beauty Tips

Want to get rid of standing in front of the mirror for hours and putting on make-up? Well, I am a Happiness Coach and here I will share a story and also give you tips on how to look pretty naturally. No one can define beauty and assess how beautiful a person is. It is just a matter of opinion and people need to understand that everyone is beautiful in their own way. You do not need to spend hours making up and using various cosmetics. You can just use some homely remedies and follow a skincare routine and you are good to go, all glamorous and beautiful!

But, is it so simple? I was never fond of makeup but wanted to have good skin and a glowing face. Who doesn’t want that? I started using some skincare products from a trusted brand which actually led to the destruction of my skin cells. I realised this and immediately ceased using them. I had to urgently contact a doctor who advised me to take care of my skin with natural products. This is when I was introduced to the world of natural, organic beauty and skin care.

7 Ways to Nurture Your Natural Beauty

  1. Increase your intake of water:

You might find it a little weird that how can drinking excess water help you to look beautiful. It is strange yet true. Researches have shown that the optimum amount of water one should have is 8 glasses per day. This assists with eliminating the toxic particles from your skin and make it gleam. It is perhaps the best technique to keep away from cosmetics yet get sparkling and wonderful skin. It will help you to get natural beauty.

  1. Make your diet healthy:

Adding certain food items to your diet can help you to have a vibrant skin tone and add a natural shine to it. When I had begun with my skincare routine, vegetables like tomatoes and carrots were an unquestionable requirement. Tomatoes keep the skin from wrinkling and go about as a shield for the skin against the sun as it contains Vitamin C.  It will help you to get natural beauty.

natural beauty

Carrots, Brocolli, and Ginger also help in getting healthy skin and delay ageing.  I had also added green tea to my diet which helped me to maintain the glow of my skin.

  1. Your beauty comes from your smile:

A smile is the most precious ornament that a human being wears. If you want to look graceful without any makeup, try to smile and your beauty will automatically enhance. But what to do to make your smile more gracious? Brush your teeth regularly and keep up your oral hygiene. Now, you are ready to flaunt your smile everywhere!

  1. Sleepy yet?

I have faced sleeping issues for a long time which led to the decline of my overall health. It had made me weak and gradually affected my skin. I used to have pimples very often and the pimple marks won’t go very easily. Then I started to develop my sleep schedule and found my health to be improving parallelly. Doctors suggest that an individual should at least sleep for 7-9 hours and adequate rest is likewise beneficial for your face.  It will help you to get natural beauty.

  1. Use sunscreen:

Make this a habit. Whenever you step out of your house and are exposed to sunlight, apply sunscreen on your face. It shields you from direct rays of sunlight and forestalls the early ageing of your skin. It additionally upgrades the sparkle of your face.

Make sure you keep in mind your skin type while choosing a sunscreen for yourself.

  1. Moisturize your face:

natural beauty

It is mandatory to wash and clean your face every day. This eliminates the dirt particles from your skin layers and gives you a new look. After cleansing, apply any type of moisturizer that suits you. It will make your skin soft and shiny and will give an alluring look to your face. When I have to go out, I apply moisturizer on my face and any kind of lip gel. It brings out the natural beauty from within.  It will help you to get natural beauty.

  1. Follow a strict skincare routine:

Believe me, when I say this, I have followed a skincare routine for 2 years now and never missed out once. It has genuinely helped me to avoid any kind of makeup and have healthy skin and face. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize any skincare item, there are different homely strategies that you can embrace. One of them is applying a mixture of Turmeric and Hung Curd to your face. This makes your skin softer and vibrant.

I hope these 7 tips are of some value to you. I have benefitted from these, and so can you. But remember one thing, if you want to really enhance your natural beauty, do not just focus on your face and skin. Your attire, fashion sense, and body language also add to your natural beauty. Wear clothes according to your personality and present yourself in a decent way. Your hairstyle also matters in how you look and you should always get a haircut which suits you. If you do not like make-up, then these factors can assist you in looking glamorous.

If you are stuck with starting a healthy diet, or cannot decide on your skincare routine, check out our community wellness platform to schedule a meeting with an Expert Happiness Coach to know more about the magic of natural, organic beauty.



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