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Rainy Season and General Fatigue: 4 Reasons Why Rains Make Us Tired and 6 Tips To Overcome General Fatigue

Rainy Season and General Fatigue: 4 Reasons Why Rains Make Us Tired and 6 Tips To Overcome General Fatigue

The chilly winter mornings and the gloomy rainy afternoons bring with them a lingering feeling of tiredness also known as general fatigue. It is very common and the sleepiness drags down the best of us.

I stared at my screen for what felt like a few minutes and the next thing I know is that it was already mid-day and I had not completed even one task on my to-do list! 

My level of concentration was depleting with each passing minute and a sense of general fatigue clouded my brain like fog during monsoon. 

Rainy season tends to do that to you. The chilly winds and the soothing sound of raindrops makes you want to curl up in your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Yummm!

Unfortunately there are deadlines to meet and work to complete. In India rainy days last for a period of 3 months while in countries like Canada and London the unpredictability of rains is crazy! Hence combating the general fatigue that comes with the humid and sticky air of the rainy days becomes a much-needed daily practice. 

feeling tired all the time could be a sign of chronic fatigue
<em><strong>Feeling The Blues<strong><em>

Why Do We Feel Tired & Sleepy When It Rains?

The Sun Playing Hide & Seek

One of the major reasons for the general fatigue and sleepiness during the rainy days is the lack of sunlight. The absence of Vitamin D means lower levels of energy. In fact lack of sunlight is linked with seasonal affective disorder wherein a person feels unusually low and depressed due to changes in the weather. 

Low exposure to sunlight can feel like your body is being sucked out of energy making you like a sloth that just finished two wholesome meals together. These feelings generally go away as the weather changes and can be managed with self-help tips like staying hydrated, regulating blood pressure, taking a walk etc. 

However if these low and depressed moods are persistent and exacerbated even more during rainy and winter days then it is recommended to talk to a therapist to understand these feelings better and see if you require immediate therapy support. 

Humid Air

Rainy days increase the humidity levels in the air. The winds may be cooler but the overall temperature rises due to the humidity. Our body’s attempt at regulating the temperature drains out more energy and leads to increased general fatigue. 

The stickiness and moist feeling that comes with humid rainy days can really put your mood down in the dumps. 

Soothing Sound of Rain

The pitter patter of the raindrops are often used as music for relaxation and meditation. The sound of thunder rolling in the distance, trees swinging in the cool air and the calming sound of raindrops hitting your window create the perfect environment for a relaxed and lazy da

All these factors combined can lead to general fatigue and reduced levels of focus and concentration. These low moods can feel like a hassle and the constant draining of energy can be a total letdown! 

Here are 6 ways you can overcome general fatigue that comes with dull monsoon says:

1. Go for a walk when it has stopped raining or is raining lightly. Physical movement can charge up your body and release the lacking serotonin levels that are responsible for making you feel positive and energized. 

2. Stay hydrated. Keep chugging down water even if it means using the washroom 10 times in an hour! Water helps to regulate your body temperatures and regain a good amount of energy. Wash away the general fatigue with some delicious water. 

3. Take that much-needed nap. Like a child, our body also sends us signals about what it wants and needs. If the general fatigue is draining you out and all you think about is your bed and blanket then it is best to take a short nap. 

4. Light Therapy Lamps are often recommended to people experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Sitting near the therapy lamp is a good alternative to lack of sunlight and can help you feel pumped up.

general fatigue during monsoon and how to beat it
<em><strong>Energy level 100<strong><em>

5. Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. Chinese takeaway chunky burgers or hot bhajiya definitely feels like a tempting option. But these junk foods will make you feel even more sleepy and tired. Replace them with fresh fruits and salads and watch how your general fatigue gives way to renewed energy!

6. Set small and realistic goals for the day. General fatigue can make it difficult to focus on daily tasks and the day ahead may feel like climbing a huge mountain. Completing these small tasks can release feel-good hormones in your body and boost your energy levels. 

When Can General Fatigue Become Problematic..

General fatigue that occurs during gloomy days usually passes on its own and can be managed better with the self-help tips given above. When you persistently feel tired and it starts affecting your daily functioning then it could be an underlying sign of a health problem. 

For instance, fatigue is strongly associated with anxiety and overthinking. The constant anxious thoughts and fighting negative emotions can deplete you off your energy levels and leave you feeling tired and numb. Talk to a therapist if the feeling of tiredness persists for more than 2 weeks, there is no apparent cause or reason for it and nothing seems to make you feel better.

Therapy can help to overcome general fatigue
<em><strong>Take Therapy Today<strong><em>

Therapy provides a safe space where you can reflect on your feelings, understand them better and find healthy ways to cope with them.

Feeling Tired All The Time? Therapy Can Help! Talk To A Qualified & Experienced Therapist Today. 

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