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Mindfulness Coach Shares 7 Best Ways to De-clutter Your Mind

Mindfulness Coach Shares 7 Best Ways to De-clutter Your Mind

Mindfulness Coach Suggest 7 Best Ways to De-clutter Your Mind

It is not always the physical items in your environment that are cluttered. Your mind, too, can get muddled at times. If you are ruminating, worrying unnecessarily or focusing on negative thoughts too often, it could be that your mind has become jumbled. Frequent distractions and a recurrent tendency to keep mental to-do lists add to the predicament. According to our expert Mindfulness Coach, a cluttered mind houses several negative thoughts that are detrimental to your psychological and spiritual well-being.

A cluttered mind leads to wastage of time and mental energy while creating undesirable confusion and disorganisation within you. Furthermore, it prevents you from connecting your thoughts to your actions efficiently. Only when you de-clutter your mind can you disentangle the morbid thinking patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential. The simplest way to unravel your mind from unwanted thoughts is to involve it with other actions or completely removing the source of the unsolicited beliefs.

Let’s have a look at some of the approaches that you can adopt into your lifestyle to gain a mind free of negativity:


7 Ways to Deal With Negativity according to an Expert Mindfulness Coach

  • Allow adequate and scheduled rest periods- Sleeping for fixed and sufficient periods has incredible benefits. It not just enhances your muscle capability but also freshens up your mind. Nor getting adequate sleep that leads to a general inability to think clearly. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can result in temporary yet dreaded memory lapses. Sleeping ample helps to avoid such issues while allowing you to unwind yourself from mundane thoughts that bother you.  It will help you to Deal With Negativity.

Deal With Negativity

  • Engage in mental exercises- Committing to meditation is a useful and effortless way to attain mental clarity and de-clutter your mind. It helps you to reduce the confusion embedded in your psyche and increase your level of concentration. Additionally, you should limit your intake of social media for it causes higher levels of disorganisation than other activities of your daily life. It will help you to Deal With Negativity.
  • Take up writing as an emotional outlet- Another way to de-clutter your mind is by transferring all muddling thoughts or tasks on to a piece of paper. Recording them on paper helps to take them out of your mind as you do not have to hold on to remembering them consistently. Noting down your ideas helps to revise your thought processconceive new concepts and plan achievable goals. It will help you to Deal With Negativity.
  • Prepare and complete priorities- The first step to accomplishing set goals is to approach the process by scheduling your to-do tasks. Planning your actions helps you to look at the big picture by assessing the value of all significant aspects, in an organised manner. Nevertheless, to bring out an efficient planning technique, you must become decisive in your actions such that you do not procrastinate despite scheduling.
  • Steer clear of multitasking- Although multitasking may seem apparently efficient, it clutters your mind the most because of too much information.  You should instead list your priorities such that you can perform one task at a time. Focus on one area and work to achieve the best results from that sole task. It will help you to Deal With Negativity.
  • Talk to a trusted companion- Sharing your burden with others when feeling mentally overloaded may help more than you can imagine! Try consulting a friend, family, therapist or even a mindfulness coach should you feel too overwhelmed by your cluttered mind. Unload your thoughts whenever you can to gain a fresher perspective on your daily life and lighten your mental burden. It will help you to Deal With Negativity.

Deal With Negativity

  • Tidy your physical environment- Your physical surroundings have a considerable impact on your mind. This may be attributed to the excessive stimuli that your brain receives. The tidier your environment is, the clearer your thoughts will turn out as you will be able to think and act suitably. It will help you to Deal With Negativity.

It is quite normal to feel disappointment when things don’t work out as you plan them. You will never escape the maze if you believe your problems to have greater significance than that of others. As such, having a cluttered mind is pretty standard for all human beings. However, it is not as if there is no way to solve the predicament!

Remember that feeling stuck is a matter of belief. As long as you have faith in yourself, you can clear your mind of all negative thoughts that disrupt your daily functioning. The expert mindfulness coach at The Holistic Living community wellness platform can aid you in your journey of ridding yourself of negativity. Schedule a coaching session, refer to some blogs on the topic, or take help from the wellness store to de-clutter your mind and attain a fresh perspective to the world.



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