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Life Coach Shares 5 Tips for Public Speaking

Life Coach Shares 5 Tips for Public Speaking

Life Coach Shares 5 Tips for Public Speaking

‘Glossophobia’ is the fear of public speaking. It is the most common kind of phobia. Even the thought of delivering a speech in front of people causes crippling anxiety. The fear of public speaking is a very common challenge that clients face. A Life coach is the apt professional to help us navigate this fear.

You become increasingly conscious of your posture and words, your palms start sweating, your legs begin to shake and in the worst cases, you may even have a panic attack. This is why people avoid performing in public altogether.
Are you afraid of putting your point before people too? Would you rather work on your fears or avoid dealing with them altogether?Public Speaking
In the professional world, it is very important to be able to present your point effectively to convince colleagues and investors. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we all have to speak in public at some point in our lives.

Whether it is delivering a presentation or speaking at an event, we must overcome our fears and work on our communication skills to achieve growth. A life coach can help you overcome this fear!


Following are 5 tips on overcoming the fear of Public Speaking:

1.Practice well:
There is a high chance that you will feel anxious in front of people if you are not prepared. Highlight the key points of your speech. Practice in front of a mirror and pay attention to your gestures and facial expressions. Perform for a group of people and ask for feedback. This will help you a lot in overcoming fear of Public Speaking.

2.Do light exercises:
Exercise transports oxygen to your brain and helps you relax. Stretch your hands, do neck exercises or move around before your performance. It’s important that you feel comfortable and well adjusted in the environment. It will help in overcoming fear of Public Speaking.

3.Eliminate the need to rush:
When you get on the stage, do not begin right away. Take your position and close your eyes before starting your speech. Focus on your breath for 30 seconds. This practice really helps in reducing anxiety and makes you feel focused. Take small pauses between your speech, it allows the audience to process the material delivered and gives you the time to think of what you’ll say next. Even when you fumble, try not to panic or let it affect the rest of your speech. Its only human nature to make mistakes and your audience will understand that it is okay.

4.Concentrate on your material:
Do not worry if you forget a line or fumble. It is very likely that the people listening to you won’t even notice such things. If your material is interesting, people will want to listen to you. Also, it is possible that you may not get an expected response from the crowd. Do your thing, anyway.Public Speaking

5.Engage the audience:
The best way to get a positive response from your listeners is through engagement. Don’t make your speech a monologue. Ask questions. Look at people while speaking. If more and more people start engaging with you and feel involved, it will boost your confidence and help you perform better.

Following these steps will definitely help you perform better without losing your calm. A great way of defeating the fear of speaking in public is being well prepared with the matter that you have to perform.
To wrap it all up, we avoid performing in front of people for the reason that we are scared. However, by not performing your confidence starts to deter and the overall situation only keeps getting worse making you feel even more afraid.

You can take help from our expert life coach on our community wellness platform to overcome the fear of Public Speaking. We also have books on Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking and Personality Development on our Wellness store.

Therefore, the best way to deal with this kind of fear is to practice in front of people, be it your family or a group of friends. Working on your fears will definitely make them go away.
Every time you get on stage, remember to take a minute to breathe. Believe in yourself and be confident while speaking. Once you start facing your fears, they’ll start to disappear quickly.

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