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5 Things To Consider Before You Put Your Money In Therapy

5 Things To Consider Before You Put Your Money In Therapy

Therapy FAQS- All you need to know about a good therapist

Taking therapy is a brave decision but it is also a tough one. Somehow the idea of opening up about your entire life to a complete stranger on the couch does not seem appealing, does it? Well, for starters it is not a complete stranger. Instead, you will be talking to a trained and qualified therapist. 

A well-experienced therapist knows how crucial effective rapport building is. They are equipped with skills such as active listening, empathy, compassion, and a non-judgmental attitude that help to create a safe and comfortable environment. A space of safety and privacy can boost your confidence in therapy and encourage you to talk about your concerns. 

Now, therapy is not cheap, not just in terms of money but also in terms of time and effort. You will be investing a considerable amount of hours, hard work and even your savings into the therapy sessions. Although it is a worthwhile decision, there are several factors you need to consider before choosing a therapist. 

This decision can be a deal-breaker and even prove to be the turning point of your life. Therefore, we have carefully listed down 5 questions (Therapy FAQs) that you need to consider before taking your therapy sessions. 

Therapy FAQ No.1: Qualification & Expertise Level

The influencers on your Instagram stories may seem genuine but are they qualified to provide counselling and therapeutic guidance? Or let’s put it this way- You are terribly ill and you want to consult a doctor for your treatment. Would you settle down for a rookie on social media who claims to know it all or would you rather talk to a certified doctor?

Kudos! We knew you were smart. Similarly, if you are looking for therapy that actually brings results then you need to look at the qualification level of the therapist. 

A Masters Degree in Clinical or Counselling Psychology from a reputed university is the basic level of qualification. Additional certifications and diploma courses in specific areas of counselling are recommended. For instance, a marriage counsellor may have a Masters’s Degree in Counselling Psychology with a diploma in marriage and family therapy. 

Child counsellors may complete their post-graduation degree and later obtain certifications in varied therapies such as Art Therapy, Play Therapy etc. 

We would recommend having a rough idea about your expectations and goals and accordingly selecting the therapist with the right expertise. 

Therapy FAQ 2: Years of Experience 

Having a Master’ or even a Doctoral Degree is good, but it is of little value when the theoretical knowledge is not applied in the practical world. Therefore, look for a therapist who has a good number of years and successful cases in the psychological field. 

Experienced Therapists are familiar with different challenges and can navigate through difficult situations. 

Therapy FAQ 3: Financial Costs

Therapy does not come free of cost. In fact, no good service comes free of cost. The cost of therapy depends on the expertise, qualification, experience and location of the therapist. An experienced professional generally charge a higher amount whereas a fresher may begin with a nominal charge. 

Since it is an investment of your money and time we would recommend understanding your needs and expectations and then choosing your therapist wisely.

At Holistic Living, we offer 10-minute Free consultation with an expert counsellor who will help you to connect with the right therapist as per your concerns and goals. 

There is no point in delaying therapy. Mental health issues are like an invisible boil. If left untreated, it will keep growing and cause you even more pain and difficulties in different areas of your life. Hence, it is smart to take therapy on time and save on your precious days.

Therapy FAQ 4: Skills & Connection

“The biggest factor that determines the success of therapy is the rapport and connection you have as a client and therapist” says an expert psychologist at Holistic Living.

A good therapist is someone who knows how to create a safe space and put the client at ease. They radiate warmth and comfort that helps the client to open up about their feelings and concerns. They are also equipped with tools and resources that help to get an objective and in-depth understanding of the client’s issues.

For instance, children may not always be able to verbalize their feelings. In such cases, an expert child counsellor uses fun and playful psychological activities to understand the child better. 

Then a person who has been through trauma or abuse may find it difficult to open up or even recall the past events. In such cases, a good therapist will know how to navigate the situation and provide the right support to the person. 

Therapy FAQ 5: Proximity and Ease of Travel

Initially, you may have 2-3 sessions in a week which you will have to fit into your daily schedule. That is why it is important to consider the amount of time you will take to reach your therapist. It is better to choose a therapist who is close by since it will save up your travelling time and money.

Many therapists conduct online sessions as well. Online therapy does not compromise the effectiveness and progress of the client, especially when done under the guidance of an expert and experienced therapist. 

Online therapy is comparatively cost-effective and convenient. 


To summarize it for you, here are 5 factors that you should consider before booking your therapy sessions

  1. Look for a therapist who is well-qualified and trained from reputed universities and centres.
  2. Look for a therapist who has a good amount of experience and the right expertise that matches your needs and expectations. 
  3. Look for a therapist who has adequate counselling skills and a good rapport with you
  4. Look for a therapist who meets your financial capacity
  5. Look for a therapist who is nearby or conducts online sessions

Therapy is not for the weak. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Therapy is for brave hearts who are not afraid to ask for help and change their circumstances. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and own up to your problems. So, if you are doing that then pat yourself on the back because you certainly are not a quitter!

We understand that the whole process of choosing a therapist could be overwhelming and you may end up not going to therapy at all. Please don’t do that.

 At Holistic Living, we have carefully listed qualified, experienced and trusted Psychologists, Marriage Counsellors, Child Counsellors and Hypnotherapists. All the professionals meet every single criterion mentioned in the article and more. Connect with the right therapist today and take your first step to a happy and healthy you!

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