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How Hypnotherapy At Holistic Living Helped Me To Break My 20 Years of Smoking Habit

How Hypnotherapy At Holistic Living Helped Me To Break My 20 Years of Smoking Habit

Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living

Addiction to nicotine can change the whole chemistry and structure of your brain. It heavily influences the reward system in the brain and that is why it is often difficult to quit smoking. Giving up on smoking is more than just throwing the pack of cigarettes away. It is an entire process that requires sheer willpower and a whole lot of mental strength. 

One of our clients, Mr. Verma had come to Holistic Living in December 2022. He desperately wanted to quit smoking and had been trying for 20 years now. Unfortunately, he was never able to give up on the bad habit completely. Moreover, the holiday seasons were the hardest for him since he had to interact with crowds that were heavily into smoking cigarettes. 

Mr. Verma received a hard reality check when he saw his son imitating his action of smoking. 

“He used the pencil as a cigarette and did that puff action and happily shouted I am papa. It was a funny but heartbreaking scene. I wanted to be a better role model for my son and smoking packs of cigarettes per day was not the kind of example I wanted to set.” says Mr. Verma

He knew that quitting is not going to be a walk in the garden. He had to get something more effective than nicotine patches and random videos on the internet. He had even tried talking therapy but for some reason, that did not work out as well. Mr. Verma knew that he had to challenge his mind and get the habit out of its roots. 

“One of my work colleagues had extensively talked about Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living and how it helps to break bad habits. He himself had experienced the power of Hypnotherapy for overcoming sleep issues. The concept intrigued me and I decided to talk to the expert counselor at Holistic Living to get a better idea.

We talked in-depth about Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living. I felt at ease knowing that I am in the hands of someone experienced and professional.” talks Mr.Verma

Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living is a completely safe practice and is done only under the guidance of a trained and qualified therapist. It has helped many people overcome and resolve a number of issues including the habit of smoking.

“See, Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living is not a magical practice. I have had clients who think that everything will change as soon as they open their eyes. That is not how it works. It basically aims to declutter the mind of negative doubts, beliefs, and anything that is stopping the person from achieving his or her goal. 

Many people find it impossible to stop smoking because of the withdrawal symptoms. Those severe headaches, frustration, and tremors can get too difficult to bear. Hypnotherapy helps you to stay calm and in control of your emotions so that you can tackle the severity of these symptoms and let that phase pass. Once you can manage the withdrawal symptoms then your journey becomes relatively easy. “ says an expert Hypnotherapist at Holistic Living

Managing withdrawal symptoms is only one of the many benefits of Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living. It also helps the person to strengthen his or her willpower and mental commitment to stop smoking. When you make the decision in your subconscious mind that you want to you will stop smoking then it will automatically translate into your conscious actions and choices. 

In the case of Mr. Verma, he struggled with a lack of willpower to stop smoking. He would quit for a maximum of 6 hours and then find himself back at it again. The withdrawal symptoms made it impossible for him to go on without smoking for more than 3 days. 

However, during the sessions of Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living Mr. Verma realized the real reason why he is addicted to nicotine is that smoking helps him to find relief from anxiety. 

“Every time I was stressed or anxious I would just bump out a cigarette. It instantly helped me to calm down. My line of work can get intense and so I kind of relied on smoking to help me stay relaxed. Then gradually I became dependent on it and for every minor inconvenience I would start smoking” confesses Mr. Verma

Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living equipped with him skills and techniques to manage anxiety and that tremendously helped him to break the habit of smoking. The expert therapist identified the major cause of smoking and helped Mr. Verma to find a grassroot solution. 

It has been 4 months since Mr. Verma completed the Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living. He has been clean so far and does not find any need to smoke again. On days when he feels like taking a puff, he can easily curb the urge and stay safe from falling into the trap again. 

Note: The name of our client is changed for privacy purposes. All the information mentioned in the article is completely consensual and based on the real-life experience of Hypnotherapy. Please note that the results and effectiveness of Hypnotherapy can differ and no two cases are alike. 

For more information about Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living avail a 10-minute FREE consultation with the expert counselor.

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