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My Real-Life Experience of Chakra Healing & How It Transformed My Life Completely at the Age of 26

My Real-Life Experience of Chakra Healing & How It Transformed My Life Completely at the Age of 26

Chakra Healing at Holistic Living

When you balance your chakras, you improve your energy field or aura and when you improve your aura, you automatically start attracting the right people opportunities, and blessings that are aligned with your life path. 

I remember reading about chakra healing in some magazine. At that time my life was a big mess. I had lost my job and was forced to live in my parent’s home because I could no longer afford the rent. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents but when you see all your other friends taking foreign trips, getting married and having babies then it can get a tab bit depressing.

Especially when you are here binging on Chinese food and reading magazines.

Anyway, those lines kept repeating in my head like a broken record. I could not help but wonder if I am not attracting good things because my mind seems to be cluttered with negative thoughts. Was I giving out bad energies and that is what I was getting in return?

Break The Habit of Negative Thoughts & Develop a Positive Mindset.

To gain some clarity I connected with an expert counselor at Holistic Living (that was me finally taking control of my life) We chatted for 10 minutes and then I decided to book a session of chakra healing for the next week.

I met the Healer at Holistic Living a week later. She was one of the most humble and polite people I have met in my life.

I felt so comfortable being around her. She even took the time to educate me about chakra balancing and the many benefits it can bring. 

Basically, chakra healing helps to balance or open the chakras and cleanse your auric field. 

Get A Complete Aura Cleansing Today.

This cleansing makes you a magnet for healthy relationships, opportunities, and things that align with your soul’s purpose.

Then in the next few sessions she helped me reach a deeply relaxed state of mind using certain healing techniques and meditation practices. It really took away a lot of my physical and mental stress.

Then she began with the chakra healing starting from my head and then ending on my root chakra. 

When I opened my eyes I felt like I had woken up from a deep sleep. I expected my life to change like magic but guess what? It didn’t.

However, I was patient and completed the entire process of chakra healing. 

By the last session, I felt awakened and charged up. My mind and heart felt open like some new light had rushed into it. 

I was just more confident and positive about my life. And that feeling is just incredible. I had missed it for so long!

Chakra healing gave me a sense of power and control over my life. 

I actively searched for a good job and now I am working as a deputy sales manager in one of the reputed firms. 

Gradually, I even moved out of my parent’s basement and rented an apartment on my own. 

And my love life? Well, there are still a few bumps in that but along the way, I have opened my heart to genuine connections and I am just so grateful to be blessed with good-hearted people in my life. 

So I guess what I read in that magazine was actually true. It helped me to gain better control over my negative thinking and put out positive energies into the universe. It made me a calmer person and got me in touch with my spirit guides.

So, my personal experience of chakra healing was like a phenomenal miracle and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for the extra push to transform their life!

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Note: This is a real-life experience of our client at Holistic Living. The name is kept hidden due to privacy purposes. All the information mentioned in the article is completely consensual.

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