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Good Parenting – 7 ways That Uplift You As A Parent

Good Parenting – 7 ways That Uplift You As A Parent

Good Parenting Will Come Naturally If You Follow These 7 Tips

Parents are their kid’s first friends. But, there are many times when certain small incidents detach the child from their parents. Becoming a mother or a father brings a huge change in one’s life. You should always love and support your child no matter what happens. You should always respect your kid and their decisions to earn respect from them and good parenting will come naturally to you.

The definition of ‘good parenting’ varies for different people. Becoming a good parent for your child is important because it allows them to become a better person in the future. If you are a role model for your kid, you might not want them to become rude, selfish, or irresponsible. This is where the role of parents comes, to make your child independent and a responsible person. I have been a working parent for 2 years and these tips have helped me to become a good parent for my kid.

good parenting

  1. Give time to your kids:

Many parents work full time and are busy in their lives. This keeps them from offering time to their kids. A similar issue was looked at by one of my friends. She and her husband had neglected their daughter, Arya, because of work. Arya always saw her friends’ parents coming to school to pick them up which was not the case with her. She stopped going to school and confined herself in a room. When I learned about this I asked them to take out at least half an hour for her every day. This assured Arya that her parents care and are always there for her.


  1. Appreciate your kids:

Your children may not do everything as per your desire or consummately. However, with good parenting, you ought to consistently adulate them for whatever they do. Appreciation gives your kid the inspiration to attempt new things. If your child helps someone, appreciate them for the deed. Psychologists say that when children get praised, they tend to perform the same activity again and learn. 

  1. Your kid will learn from you: Children inherit the qualities of the parents, no less than their physical features.~ Mahatma Gandhi

My sister’s son had suddenly started misbehaving and talking very rudely to everyone. He had a nasty reply to every question he was asked, be it in school or home. This had created a huge issue for his parents. When they consulted a family coach, they realized the behavior was picked up from my sister’s husband. Child psychology says that children imitate the same thing they see people doing in front of them. The maximum time a child spends is with his parents. Good parenting means that you never behave rudely in front of your child as this might create a wrong impression on them.  

  1. Don’t punish, understand:

Good parenting is understanding that No one is perfect. Your kid might be trying new things but failing or making mistakes. Punishing them might help in rectifying the mistakes but it will surely portray you as a strict parent. They will be scared of making a mistake the next time or confronting you with anything else. Rather, ask them what difficulty they faced and explain to them what harm it can cause after making such faults.

good parenting

  1. Show love to your child:

All parents love their children, but many fail to express it. You ought to consistently pass on your affection to your little ones. This is something that each kid needs from his folks. I always hug my kid at least once a day to show him that I love him. But, you can cook, buy a toy, or do anything you want to show them affection. Good parenting includes making sure your child knows that they are loved.


  1. Encourage your little ones:

It is known that a child has a fresh mind. Every person makes errors while trying something new. My brother’s daughter had very suddenly stopped doing new things. She was a bright child and used to participate in extra-curricular activities. The reason she gave for stopping was whenever she made a small mistake, her parents rebuked her. She was forced to do it perfectly.  Good parenting means that you understand that a child will make mistakes when he tries different things. You should always encourage them so that their productivity increases and assist them to discover and try new things.


  1. Communicate with your kid:

Last but not the least, never impose something on your kid. If you think they might be doing something wrong, explain why is the thing wrong and, how it may cause trouble. This will help the child to know about things, and they might never repeat them.

These were some good parenting tips that are not only helping me become a good parent to my kid but whoever I have recommended the tips, it has proven beneficial for them. Always remember that your kid is special and you should always love and support them. A good parent can never be defined but these ways can help you build a strong bond with your little one.

good parenting

Are you facing any difficulty while parenting your kid? Do not worry.  The Holistic Living is a great online platform can that help you with any parenting issue that you are coming across. There are many guides and books available at their store that might help you out with good parenting techniques and resolve your issue. They also provide sessions with famous family coaches who will guide you through your problem and help you to solve it.

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