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In-Laws and You – 7 Tips to Befriend and Win Them Over

In-Laws and You – 7 Tips to Befriend and Win Them Over

Become friends with your in-laws in 7 steps!

Adjusting in a new family is not an easy task for a woman as each household has its unique culture inherent. Hence, it is important to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with the in-laws and win their confidence. A healthy household is a need of the hour and therefore it is essential to win their trust to incorporate a healthy home environment.

I remember the amount of difficulty I faced when I had to start adjusting to my new family. It was a rather difficult task to make them believe in my capabilities and to win their absolute trust in me. That is when I finally started to learn how to win their confidence.

These are the 7 tips I followed to win their trust and confidence.

  1. Be polite yet warm around them.

Do not be cold-shouldered and aloof around your in-laws and expect them to love you. Put your best foot forward and demonstrate a relaxed, kind, and inviting personality. Smile, greet them affectionately, shake hands, and hug. My friend Shreya who recently got married told me that wishing a simple ‘good morning’ to her in-laws every morning helped her establish a very strong and connection with them.

  1. Be there for your in-laws through the tough times.

How we respond to accidents, financial crises, ill health or death typically determines whether we grow together as families. These are the times when you can show that you stand beside them and support them. Going through difficult times together will bring you closer to them and help plant their trust in you.

  1. Help them feel wanted.

What can warm the hearts of parents more than knowing you care about them? When Harshita and Sahil travel to the town where both their parents live, her mom works hard to keep everyone fed and happy. Harshita and Sahil decided to invite her parents to visit them for a quiet weekend, saying, “Let’s just enjoy talking together.” The parents really appreciated their efforts.

in laws

  1. Ask for their advice.

Parents love to feel like they are imparting knowledge onto their children, in-laws are not any different. Show regard for them and their distinctive skills by asking their advice about a dilemma or requesting that they teach you something. For instance, if your mother-in-law is a talented baker, ask her to show you how to make her famous apple pie. Trust me she would more than glad to share her secret recipe.

  1. Request them to tell stories.

You can also show interest in their lives by getting to know more bout them. Ask them to narrate to you more about their own upbringings or what your spouse was like as a child. Sharing heartfelt or funny stories will help you develop a bond. You might ask, “Ayush is so determined. Was he like that as a little boy, too?”

  1. Remember little details.

Nothing shows your attention and consideration like keeping up with the small things. Help your in-laws develop fond feelings for you by noticing the minute details that are important to them. For example, if you invite them over for dinner, buy the type of wine they like. Be considerate of their life as well and show interest.

in laws

  1. Shower them with gifts

You can never ever go wrong with getting gifts during an event, dinner, or just a casual visit. The more personal the gift the better which will remind them of you every time they see it. Choose from a huge variety of products at the Holistic Living Store.

When it comes to building a good marriage with your husband to be it is vital that you not solely invest in your relationship with him but also in your relationship with his parents. Investing in your relationship with them will massively help the foundation of your marriage and will make it much easier for both sides of the family to merge as one. Book an exclusive session with the Relationship Coaches at the Holistic Living to ignite that special bond with your in-laws. Also, check out their Wellness Academy and Wellness Store for affordable products and educational blogs.


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