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4 Ways To Experience Real Freedom and Live Without Fear

4 Ways To Experience Real Freedom and Live Without Fear

The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom, is freedom from fear!

Freedom to express your opinions, thoughts are the most important right that everyone should get. People live in fear throughout their lives unable to make choices, are fearful and guilty. It has become the norm in the world. We are not able to spend our time peacefully and calmly for example looking at the sunset and enjoying the view. Almost every day we live in fear that what will happen to us next we don’t know. But we should try to overcome these and nullify the effect of fear from us.

Here I am to share my story with you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Arundhati. Earlier I was like a bird in a cage. I was a prisoner of my thoughts. I was not able to express myself to anyone. It was like a burden on my heart to keep burying things. I was working in a company where my co-worker Arti was tortured by my boss. The boss used to torture her, irritate her, disturb her. Boss would not leave any chance to humiliate her. Arti was fed up with this. She used to share her problems with me. I used to think that what should I do, how should I raise my voice, and opinion to point out this humiliation to all the other workers in the company.

I was engulfed in fear. I was not able to sleep thinking about this problem my co-worker was going through. The boss threatened me that if I would do anything then I will lose my job. I was just screwed! not in a position to take a stance for myself and others. Then I met a life coach who listened to my problems and complains. The coach provided me with a different view to look at the things, to solve them, to overcome my fears instead of turning my back to them. Then I decided that I will not let anyone dictate my life. It is my life and I have every right to live it on my terms.


The following day, I decided to speak up, to express myself, to open up about the evil thing going on. I filed a complaint against my boss in the company. Also, provide them with proofs of her wrongdoings. Thus boss was removed from her position. I overcome my fears and was able to change my mind, my view towards life and other people. 

If you take a stand in your life if you can overshadow your fear then only you can achieve freedom in life. Freedom is something that we have to fight to get it. Some don’t have the freedom to speak, some don’t have their own choice etc. But we should all stand to bring a change and get freedom.

There are some points where you can live a life without fear and full of hope:

  • Know that you are powerful: First thing is that you should know the fact that you are capable of doing the things and you are powerful. You have the power to do the wrong things right. Don’t be confused or unhappy with the fact that you can’t do it. Be confident enough to see and decide what is good for you. Discard the negative thoughts or doubts you are having.


  • Learn to Trust yourself: There are times when you are in a situation or crisis which you think you can’t get through. But you have crossed it. You have done it though not gracefully. But trust yourself that you can override it. Have faith in yourself that whatever happens, you will get through it. Don’t be fearful but face the obstacles of your life.

  • Don’t let anyone manipulate you: If anyone insult you or abuse you don’t sit quiet or listen to them. But stand for yourself, raise your voice that you should also be treated with respect. Because you have every right to do so. If someone treats you badly, you should remember that the problem is with them not you. It’s better to leave the company of such people.
  • Remember that You can always do it:  You are the best no matter how you are. How anyone tells you it doesn’t matter. You are unique and you are also worthy of love, happiness and all the good things in life. However, the situation maybe you can always do something. Know that you will do it.

Take a look at the brighter side. If there is fear toss them in the trash and move on!    “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Are you afraid of living a fearful life? No need to do it now!  Here we are! We at The Holistic Living with the guidance of different experts will take you to the path of your freedom. If you need any valuable products then you can check out the wellness store.

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