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Effective Parenting: 9 Parenting Tips For Raising Teenagers

Effective Parenting: 9 Parenting Tips For Raising Teenagers

The children need different treatment at every stage in their life’s journey to become an adult. To keep your parenting journey on point and ensure the effective parenting of your teenager, we have a few tips for you!

You as a parent give your best to your children. You guide them, support them and nurture them since the day they are born. When they reach adolescence you feel a shift in the relationship as things around you change. Your teenage children witness changes within them as their body and mind grows.

There are various ways in which you choose to raise your children. But when it comes to the teenage child many parents are caught unaware. If you are someone facing this challenge then use these tips to deal with the challenges of raising a teen-


Effective Parenting Tips for Raising Teenagers

1. Understanding- The Teenage Years :

You may wonder why teens tend to make impulsive and “bad decisions”? It is because the part of the brain called- prefrontal cortex is not fully developed till the mid-twenties. So it takes time for a teenager’s brain to develop this part to fully resemble an adult one! 

Along with this, the body and mind change drastically during puberty. So your teenager is already going through a lot. You need to buckle up to help them positively. You cannot become an effective parent without the education and knowledge in your armor!


2. Don’t Dismiss or Invalidate Their Opinions :

Teenage years are midway between childhood and adulthood. These years are formative years that give shape to the rest of their life. Certain developmental tasks need to be accomplished before entering adulthood. One of them is forming opinions. Listen to your teen when they voice their opinions in front of you even if you don’t agree over some topic. This is because forming opinions is an important step in creating a positive sense of identity. 

3. Do Not Micromanage :

Teens try best at practicing “being an adult”. They increasingly want to make independent decisions and love to claim freedom. At such a point it is unjust for your teen if you micromanage everything about them. Be watchful (within healthy limits) but don’t judge their every move. 

Encourage them to solve problems on their own. At the same time remind them that you always have their back.

4. Spend Time Together :

Spend quality time together with your teen. Go on vacations together, do fun activities. Show genuine interest in their activities. Let them know that you love them and don’t just assume that they know already. Being around and looking at phones does not equal spending time together. You should be available mentally.

If your teen is still not showing interest in bonding with you, keep trying. Create family rituals – being together at a dinner table every day is a good way to connect.

5. Talk Honestly About Sexual Health, Substance Abuse, and Associated Risks :

Don’t let the feeling of awkwardness consume you. Frankly communicate the topics of sexual health, drug/ alcohol abuse, and associated risks. Assuming that all the topics would be covered in schools is a sign of callousness.  It is your responsibility as a parent to talk to them and guide them about these topics. Tell them the consequences that might follow with each step in the wrong direction. Seek professional help.

6. Set Reasonable Limits :

Decide what behavior is most important to you. Then let them clearly know which things are off-limits. Separate the “non-negotiables” from “nice to have”. For example: “the non-negotiable” might be – no drugs. “nice to have” might be – making good grades. State fair consequences for “the non-negotiables” in advance.

Be reasonable when you set limits. Always appreciate them when they make efforts to follow through.

7. Love Unconditionally :

Unconditional love does not mean you approve of all their decisions. We all know that teens tend to make impulsive decisions at times. If you think that some decision of your teen is “problematic”. Then think about how to address the problem instead of attacking them for it. You and your teen are a team. You must support them, guide them and show them that you love them.

Do you think you are unable to bond with your teen? Connect with India’s best experts now!

8. Be a Friendly Parent :

Your teen needs you as a parent who offers structure, strength, and relief. Be friendly but don’t shrug away the responsibilities of a parent. You need to be a parent first. Telling them that you are their friend might confuse them and they will not be able to take you seriously. Remember “being friendly” and being a friend are two different things. 

9. Seek Help and Guidance :

As a parent, you can learn from books, videos, or support groups that will guide you through this journey of effective parenting. You can visit a counselor or psychologist along with your teen. These professionals will help you better understand the nuances of the relationship and navigate the situation. 

Studies suggest that suicide rates among young people have been increasing. The suicide rate was highest in the 15-29 years age group. This indicates -teenagers fall in the high-risk category. Successful interventions to reduce the adolescent/teenager suicide rate must focus on reducing risk factors such as – depression, alcohol use and promote protective factors to decrease suicidal tendencies e.g. increase parental and peer support. If you notice warning signs that your teenager is at any risk do not hesitate to call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


We have come full circle. We saw that the teenage years are the formative years in the life journey. Teenagers witness changes within them as their bodies and mind grow. These are the years when teenagers start forming different opinions and perspectives than you. Lastly, teens learn a lot of traits by watching their parents. The best way of effective parenting is to show them (by demonstrating them) the traits you would want your teenager to have – for example, the traits such as resilience, courage, kindness, and integrity. Be someone your teen would love to follow. 

If you are battling to maintain a thriving relationship with your teen, don’t worry the professionals are there to help you. You may book an appointment NOW!

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