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5 Ways to Eliminate Gender Bias in the Workplace

5 Ways to Eliminate Gender Bias in the Workplace

gender bias at workplaceGender bias is deep rooted in the society. Its impact can be seen in the workplace through discrimination, sexism, and harassment. Women are treated as secondary citizens, without opinions or choices, even though they comprise of almost 50 percent of the total population of the country.

However, to make workplaces more inclusive, there are some changes in the policies and practices an employer can make, which can help women become more independent and make working in the corporate sector more convenient for them.


  1. Equal pay

The compensation being offered at companies for both men and women should be equal without exception. Increments, incentives, and promotions constitute equal opportunity rights of women and should be prioritized.


  1. No-tolerance policy

A strict no-tolerance policy against harassment and discrimination should be in place at all workplaces, big or small. This gives women a sense of security and dignity. This is the least an employer can offer to its female employees, considering they are more vulnerable to maltreatment.


  1. Recruitment process

The recruitment process should try to avoid making use of masculine/feminine traits to describe a job’s requirements. Making use of certain words can sometimes create a gender bias in the hiring manager and applicant’s mind. Words such as dominating & competitive and loyal & nurturing create an association in the mind to masculine and feminine traits respectively.


  1. Mentorship programs

Some professional training and guidance to employees can help average employees unlock their potential in a nurturing environment and ultimately benefit the employer. Women should be encouraged for these mentorship programs so that they can unlock their potential and compete effectively. Any kind of bias regarding intellectual capacity of the female gender can also be eliminated through this practice.


  1. Flexible working options

Since the pandemic has started, all kinds of jobs have been shifted to the remote mode. It is obvious that remote working is as effective as being physically present in the workplace. Women especially should sometimes be given an option to work from home since they have more personal commitments and things to take care of. If this provision is given, women will less likely be forced to choose between work and family, which is a very basic hinderance in every woman’s career.

What are some other ways which you think can help prevent gender bias?

Let us know in the comments!

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