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Spark Romance in Your Marriage in Just 5 Mins

Spark Romance in Your Marriage in Just 5 Mins

Romance is not limited to the bedroom. It is simply not just about having s*x, or engaging in passionate acts. Couples can find romance in simple gestures, and it is these small efforts that help them keep the spark alive.

In this article, we will talk about how to keep the romance in marriage alive and thriving! Read it till the end if you are keen to woe your other half and sweep them off their feet in just 5 minutes.

Jasmeet and Harsh have been married for 8 years. Their ‘honeymoon’ phase seems to be never-ending. They both are equally smitten by each other even after 8 years.

Jasmeet dismisses the belief that couples lose their romance after a few years of marriage, or after having children. For her, the comfort and love for her husband have only increased with time.

We asked her what is the secret of their happy marriage.

“The little things like smiling when he comes home. Or how he kisses me on my forehead every time he leaves for work. Then I leave small notes in his lunch box. He knows all my favorite eating places! So small small things like these are what keep our romance alive”

So folks, here is your lesson #1: Continue making efforts for each other.

Showing your partner that you care and that they matter to you is one of the most romantic gestures in a relationship.

Another important point is to understand that men and women are different species. For a woman to connect with her man physically, she needs to first feel emotionally validated and secure.

If you want your wife to be romantic in the bedroom, then make sure you take care of her needs outside the bedroom.

Here are the top 10 tips on how you can achieve that:

  1. Listen to her. When she is talking make sure you are attentive and not using your phone
  2. Let her rant. Sometimes she just wants to vent her frustration so control your urge to give practical solutions.
  3. If she is feeling overwhelmed then just hug her
  4. Give her your time.
  5. Stick to your words
  6. Contribute to household chores
  7. Don’t always be Mr. Right
  8. Give her freedom and space
  9. Be attentive to her needs
  10. Pamper her. Let her be a little child whenever she wants to.

Now, a man generally feels emotionally connected when his physical needs are met.

Here are the top 10 ways you can take care of your man:

  1. Dress up well. Be attractive to him
  2. Avoid nagging or complaining when he comes home from work
  3. Make sure he is eating well
  4. Listen to him when he is giving you solutions
  5. Give him time and space to open up
  6. Encourage and appreciate him
  7. Don’t compare him with your father/brother or other men
  8. Keep the house clean (if you stay at home full day)
  9. Express gratitude
  10. Communicate your needs politely

A relationship is always a two-sided affair. Unconditional love is an impractical myth. Each person has their needs and desires. If you want your partner to understand and fulfill these needs then you should be willing to reciprocate the same.

If you want your wife to dress up well and look attractive then it is equally important to shower her with compliments and have eyes only for her.

Similarly, if you want your husband to spend quality time with you then make sure you are creating a safe and relaxing space for him instead of pressuring him with your demands and complaints.

So, ladies and gentlemen by following these top relationship tips you can keep the romance alive and have a sizzling chemistry in the bedroom as well.

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