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Best Energy Healers in Mumbai to Remove the Effects of Evil Eye

Best Energy Healers in Mumbai to Remove the Effects of Evil Eye

Holistic Living in Chembur has partnered with some of the best energy healers in Mumbai. These expert energy healers have extensive experience in different healing modalities including chakra balancing, aura cleansing, inner child healing, trans-generational healing, ancestral healing, and more.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of our best energy healers has helped more than 233 individuals to heal from the effects of evil eye and external negative energies.

Whether the evil eye is real or just another superstition is a debate for another day. However, at Holistic Living, Mumbai, we have witnessed some unbelievable cases of the evil eye.

Take the example of Anvi. She is in her early 30s and resides in Bangalore. She contacted Holistic Living after her wedding crashed and was left in a deeply depressed state of mind.

Anvi could not understand why and how it happened. All the wedding preparations were going well and when the big day finally arrived, small nuances started to occur which ultimately forced her to cancel the wedding.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, our best energy healer, carefully examined Anvi’s present problems, past patterns, family dynamics, and her aura. He was convinced that Anvi was under the influence of the evil eye.

Evil eye which generally stems from jealousy casts a negative shadow on the other person. It is equivalent to a curse that can cause a lot of troubles including accidents, injuries, illnesses, conflicts, blockages, and even death.

In the case of Anvi, it was one of her aunts who had cast an evil eye on her. Her aunt had an unmarried 40-year-old daughter.

She desperately wanted her daughter to settle down and marry somebody. When she saw Anvi getting everything that she wanted for her daughter, she was consumed with raging envy.

She cursed Anvi and directed intense negative energy toward her consequently creating issues in her wedding.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of our best energy healers in Mumbai, used certain energy healing techniques to clean the negativity stuck within Anvi’s auric field.

He guided Anvi with specific prayers and meditation that would protect her from the effects of the evil eye.

He advised Anvi to keep her life as private as possible and build trust in her relationship.

With the guidance of one of our best energy healers, Anvi could protect herself from the effects of the evil eye.

Following his advice, she had a small and private wedding a few months later. It was the happiest moment of Anvi’s life.

“I have no words to describe my journey. When my wedding failed, I was shattered. But Mr. Sanjeev Mittal came as a beacon of hope. He is truly one of the best energy healers and a gem of a person. My life took a complete U-turn. Energy healing saved my relationship and saved me also!” smiles Anvi.

Energy healing is an effective way to remove the curse of the evil eye and attract love, abundance, and joy in your life. It is an intensive process that may require a combination of other alternative treatments.

At times the impact of the evil eye can be deep-rooted. In such cases, the expert energy healer may suggest past life regression therapy to understand the origin of the curse and remove it from its root.

It is advisable to seek the guidance of a trusted and experienced professional.

If you feel that strange things are happening in your life and there is no reasonable explanation for them then please contact one of our best energy healers in Mumbai.

They are there to guide you and help you out with your problems.

Call +91-9321073548 or CLICK ON THIS LINK to connect with our best energy healers.

Visit the Holistic Living Counselling Centre in Chembur, Mumbai.

We are an accredited centre for therapy, counselling, healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, akashic record reading, astrology and Vastu. All these treatments can be done effectively ONLINE as well.

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