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Find an Alternative Therapist – Healing Through Music

Find an Alternative Therapist – Healing Through Music

Relax your mind and Heal your body with soulful music. An alternative therapist like a music therapist can help you explore healing through the power of sound. 

Changing your mood can be as easy as turning on your music player 

Music Therapy is an amazing alternative therapy to heal your life. The effect of music on us is so subtle but so long-lasting. We can be moved to tears by violin, feel our hearts beep with joy at the sound of a melodious sitar, or find our bodies wanting to dance to the rhythm of drums. Our distracted mind becomes focused on hearing pleasant music and we feel a sense of well-being.

New research studies now show that there is a deep connection between music and our health. Music activates the whole brain and makes you feel more energetic. It improves communication and increases efficiency. Soothing music played during surgery has been shown to help the recovery process, inspirational music has been used to help release emotional blocks. Victims of stroke and Parkinson’s disease walked with better balanced and speed if they practiced while listening to appropriate music. In fact, nowadays music therapy has emerged as a separate branch of therapy in which an alternative therapist uses different types of music to help heal various physical and psychological disorders.

Music Therapist – An Alternative Therapist

Feeling restless and want to calm down? Or are you sad and in need of something to cheer up?

Music therapists can change your mood in no time. Apparently, music therapists can help ease, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries,  physical disabilities, headaches, and chronic pain issues. One of the many benefits of this therapy is that everyone, regardless of background, age, or disability, understands the language of music. On the other hand, traditional therapies rely on language, and their effectiveness depends on their client’s ability to perceive what the therapist is saying.

My main focus is stress management because stress is the root cause of almost all ailments. Music touches all our emotions. Classical music, old melodious song, and devotional music have been found to be generally soothing for a restless and disturbed mind, he therapy

According to Kanaka Cadambi, a freelance journalist and singer. “Music provides me more than just relaxation. It has helped me to keep my breathing problem in control for the last 10 years. Even my hyperactive daughter, as a baby, used to stop crying if I switched on to the particular music.

Dr. V S Srikanthan, a consultant cardiologist listens to Carnatic music daily for 20-30 minutes and says it has been a beneficial effect on his daily life. He stresses the benefits of proper breathing and music, even to his patients. “But from a therapy point of view music has to be tailor-made.

One time of music may not be beneficial to all types of patients. We conducted an experiment on 18 persons and found the blood pressure of all, except one went down after listening to the music specially selected by Dr. Sathe. One person did not like the music and felt agitated, explain’’ Dr. Srikanthan.

A new book called A Mozart Effect By Don Campbell has condensed the world’s research on all the beneficial effects on certain types of music. Campbell has compelling new evidence to show how music, used properly, has calmed students with such problems has Attention Deficit disorders, and even helps autistic children. While music therapy is still developing the point is that we all listen to music anyway. So why not seek it out to balance our body rhythms and helps us resonate in harmony and feel generally energetic, with the help of an experienced alternative therapist.


  • Heal the body faster
  • Lowers blood pressure, stabilizes heart rate
  • Relieves depressions, reduce anxiety
  • Enhance concentration and creativity
  • Integrates both side of the brain for more efficient learning

Dr. Vibha Gupta

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