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A Therapist Reveals 6 Tips To Explore Your True Potential

A Therapist Reveals 6 Tips To Explore Your True Potential

Do you want to know true potential? Our expert therapist is here to help. Keep Reading this article to know more!

In this world of cut-throat competition and advanced technology, the feeling of doubt and not being enough is very common as well as extremely widespread. Years of academic studying, extra-curricular activities, and problems; both in our personal as well as professional lives, shape our definitions of what being successful means.

For some it means to attain high investments, for some it means to be the best employee, for some it is to have the maximum market share and for some, it is to have a perfect work-life balance.

However, for very few people being successful means to reach their ‘true potential’. For years people have stressed the fact that for being successful you have to have a carefully laid out plan, where you can see what you have to do next after every step you take from your plan.

Unfortunately, life is not that way. Life is unpredictable and we humans sometimes have to go through it according to the turn it takes. What we have is control over the choices we make when life throws us over the edge. Sometimes, taking the support and guidance of an expert, like a therapist or a life coach can be the first step you need to start unlocking your true potential.

Following are the 6 ways as suggested by a therapist, that can help you explore and unleash your true and unlimited potential.

1. Starting with the basics-

We shouldn’t think that we will understand the meaning of life by just getting into college and into the real world. The idea is to experiment little by little. Choose to study what you like and see if that is really what you are really interested in.

Don’t be afraid to change your plans with the changing world and try to build your skills and develop your personality one step at a time. It is ok to be interested in more than one field and we should take our time to understand which is better or if you can have both. We can do more than two things simultaneously with equal finesse if those things bring out and use all the skills or talents we have in us.

2. Set small goals to achieve True Potential

Set goals like making a new habit like doing yoga or meditation every morning. Try to do a small course to enhance a skill you already have. Speak in front of the mirror and overcome your fear of talking to new people. Set boundaries from people and try and remain positive as much as you can.

3. Face the challenges

A truth that any good therapist will tell you is that – when you start working on yourself and your goals, you will face obstacles. You will face times when what you know won’t be enough and you would feel inadequate. That is the exact moment when you will have to step up and face the challenge. Ignoring the challenges only slows our progress and makes us anxious. Therefore, it is better to face them and see how it works out.true potential

4. Accept failures and learn from them-

For example, a science student realizes in his 12th standard that science is not him and switches to commerce in college. This doesn’t mean that the student is weak or he or she doesn’t have the potential to pursue science. It is the fact that science is not their true calling. It is not something which will bring out his or her unlimited potential which is present in all of us. Therefore, we need to accept we made a wrong decision, change our paths, and continue with more grit.

5. Know that feeling lost is normal and take a break

Many times you will notice that some people seem to be lost in questions like “When will I find my true calling?”, “Why am I so afraid”, “Why is it so difficult for me to find something I like” or just the fact that “Why is life so hard?” However, none of these questions or even their answers will make sense until and unless we have experienced the hardships of life. Obstacles make us stronger and make us realize our true potential but it will only happen if we embrace the unpredictability of life. So after you accept your failure or loss, take a break, travel, always have a hobby to return to, and then bounce back.

6. Embrace the pain

We as humans need to understand that we will make mistakes, we will get hurt, we will get criticized and we will be made to jump too many hoops to prove our worth. And amidst all this stuff, we will eventually find what actually makes our soul sing. However, this journey of self-discovery is long and can be emotionally draining.

At such times we need to stop, look back to all successes and failures, take the break we need, and embrace the inexorable pain. All the heartache and struggle will only turn into our strengths and wisdom once we accept it, cry over it, and gradually train ourselves to get over it. We need to take care of our mental health as much as your physical health.

Do you want to explore your true potential? Our expert therapist can help!

The idea behind self-discovery is the fact that we need to start from the basics. Hoping that we will have our lives figured out once we enter college is the slogan other people sell so that we use their services. We cannot expect to know everything challenges that life can throw at us; it is impossible.

For some people, their potential is in one kind of career while for others it lies in more than one and different people find them in different phases of their lives. That is why it is heartbreaking to see people struggling with self-doubt when we know that it is not the end. Figuring out life and what good we will get from it, is not something we will realize in one go. Good things take time and our journey of self-discovery will be successful if we are patient enough. A supportive therapist can help you realise these truths.

Our true and unlimited potential does lie in the hardships of life and the choices we make because of it but struggling with self-doubt or failure is not the parameter with which we can judge it. Feelings of resentment towards life, self-doubt, and failure are extremely common among people but that doesn’t mean that they are weak.

It just means we need to take a break and start again. Our mental health is really crucial if we really want to be able to swim through life with determination and happiness.

However, if we burn ourselves out by working ourselves to death rather than taking a break or maybe realizing that the choice or path we took is not for us, then we won’t find our true calling.

So the key is to relax, to take care of our physical and mental health, work hard, trust our instincts and most importantly embrace the pain and the unpredictability of life. Taking care of our mental health can be overwhelming and sometimes getting support from a therapist or a life coach can be the key to get started. To connect with a therapist and chart out the path to realize your true potential click here.

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