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Real-Life Experience of Accessing Akashic Records | Strange Things Started Happening | 340 Number

Real-Life Experience of Accessing Akashic Records | Strange Things Started Happening | 340 Number

Akashic Records Reading at Holistic Living

I accessed my akashic records 3 months back with the guidance of the expert akashic reader at Holistic Living. Ever since the moment I opened the akashic records my life has changed in ways I never would have expected. 

Let me give you a little bit of context here. My name is Ayushi and I live in Mumbai. I have always believed in a higher power but to be honest I never paid much attention to it until one day something very strange happened to me. 

It was 23rd December 2022. As usual, I set my alarm for 7 AM and went off to sleep. Around 3:40 AM I woke up suddenly covered in sweat. 

I don’t really remember my dreams but this one I could remember vividly. In my dream, I was trapped in a maze. It was too dark for me to see anything and I was feeling scared. 

I thought I would be trapped here forever until somebody started calling my name. I followed the voice and eventually saw a light. As soon as I reached the light everything just disappeared. 

The entire episode felt strange to me. However, I shook it off and went back to sleep. 

Again when I woke up in the morning I glanced at my wristwatch on the table and guess what? It was stuck at 3:40 AM. 

After that day I kept seeing the number 340 everywhere. I thought it was random coincidence but it kept recurring in my life just like that dream I had. 

Finally, I decided to consult a spiritual expert who would help me make sense of all this and that’s how I met the akashic reader at Holistic Living. 

Oh my god! The entire experience of akashic records reading was humbling and shocking to me. While accessing my akashic records she got to know about the troubled relationship I shared with my father. 

He passed away when I was 26 years old and we never got a chance to mend our relationship. 

That hurt, guilt, and sadness was buried inside me. I denied it for too long but somewhere in my soul, I knew that it was holding me back from living a life of true happiness and meaning.

I used to run away from serious relationships, had sudden spells of depression, and frequently experienced anxiety attacks. I felt trapped in my own mind just like that dream I used to have. 

And what’s more.. My father was born on 3rd April which is 3/4, the number I kept seeing everywhere. 

The expert akashic records reader helped me understand the meaning of all this. My soul was hurting but my mind kept making logical excuses for that.

When we are in a lot of pain and hurt, we tend to push it all away because it is too much to cope with. However, these emotions are still buried inside of us and come out in some way or the other. 

When we deny our need to heal, we restrict our souls from growing and evolving. That is what I was doing. I ignored my issues until it all came brimming to the surface. 

But I am glad that I paid attention to the signs on time and took the help of the akashic reader. Her guidance helped me to acknowledge my past and take conscious efforts to heal from it. 

The entire experience of akashic records reading also restored my faith in the higher power and the fact that we may get all the worldly desires but if we don’t have peace, we have got nothing. 

And peace can only be experienced when we truly connect with our inner-self and evolve spiritually

It has been 3 months and I have never felt so content with my life. My anxiety has reduced and even on my low days, I feel hopeful and grateful. 

Note: Akashic Records Reading is an alternative healing modality that has been effective in gaining deep clarity and understanding about many life issues. These include relationship conflicts, karmic cycle, negative patterns, unexplained health issues and emotional upheaval. The above case study is a real-life experience of one of our clients at Holistic Living. The information given here is completely consensual.

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