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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quicken Your Weight Loss Journey | She Lost 5kgs In 2 Weeks

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quicken Your Weight Loss Journey | She Lost 5kgs In 2 Weeks

Quicken Your Weight Loss- Eat Right 

Losing weight is about making conscious food choices and staying committed to your workout routine. If only you eat a balanced diet every day and engage in regular exercises you will see positive changes in your weight in just two weeks. 

If losing weight is as simple as that then we would all be flaunting fit bodies. However, many of us find it annoyingly tough to lose weight. So, we decided to ask people- What makes it tough to lose weight?

“Time management, I guess. Going to the gym after a long day at work is just too exhausting, and I cannot wake up early in the morning because I usually stay up late in the night”

“I find it difficult to stay consistent. I do it for like a week and then I find myself coming back to my old habits. Breaking these habits is a task”

“I cannot stay away from junk food. I really tried but the thought of this juicy McChicken burger… it is tough, very tough”

Many others shared their thoughts but the most common reason that stood out was a lack of willpower and commitment. 

Weight loss begins in your mind and then translates into your physical actions and choices. When your mind is set and sincerely committed to weight loss then you will automatically find yourself cutting down on junk food, hitting the gym every day, and changing your unhealthy lifestyle. 

There is an unconventional approach to weight loss that has shown amazing results. It basically targets the mindset and helps the individual develop strong willpower and commitment. 

This approach is known as hypnotherapy and it has helped many people quicken their weight loss journey. The expert hypnotherapist at Holistic Living who has guided many people to lose weight in a short time span talks about 3 ways in which hypnotherapy can help to quicken your weight loss journey. 

1. I Cannot to I Can

A 75 years old woman treks the Himalayas every year with her husband. Couple goals? Sure. But what drives her to scale these humongous mountains at an age when most of us are, well, dead? 

It is sheer willpower. It is the ‘I Can’ mindset that has helped her go against all odds and live her dreams so fearlessly. 

If you are constantly caught up in the negative beliefs that you cannot work out or you cannot eat healthy or you cannot lose weight then you will find yourself stuck in the same cycle. 

Hypnotherapy helps to break that cycle of negative thoughts by instilling positive affirmations into your subconscious mind. It helps you to feed your mind with positive self-beliefs so that you can move past your own limitations and do everything you need to do to get that fit and fabulous body. 

2. Mindful Choices

The biggest advantage of Hypnotherapy is that it helps to increase mindfulness. It is when you are deeply aware of your current reality, and when you are in a state of awareness and alertness you have the capacity to make right the choices.

“Before hypnotherapy, I would just grab a piece of cake or mindlessly scroll on Instagram till late at night. I had no idea how these mindless actions impacted my health. During the sessions of Hypnotherapy, I learned how to be more mindful and that has really helped me to make healthy choices. You won’t believe that I struggled to lose weight for years and years but after mindful eating, I have easily lost 5kgs” shares our Holistic Living client. 

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3. Defeat Procrastination

Procrastination is not just laziness. It is often linked with low self-esteem, perfectionism, fear of failure, or fear of rejection. 

“When I sit with my clients and have honest conversations with them about why they are not able to lose weight, a lot of them have told me that they just don’t feel good enough about themselves. Changing your body because you hate the way it looks will never get you far in your weight loss journey. “ says an expert dietician at Holistic Living. 

If you want to quicken your weight loss journey then you need to fall in love with the process and not the goal. When you actually enjoy working out, you will not miss it at any cost. When you actually like eating healthy then you will automatically stay away from junk food. 

Hypnotherapy helps you to change your mindset and remove all those beliefs and thoughts that are leading to laziness and procrastination. It helps you to have a positive approach toward your weight loss journey rather than seeing it as a daunting task. 

Real-Life Case Study

Ayushi is a 54 years old woman who wanted to lose weight before her son’s grand wedding. She had been trying to lose weight for a couple of years now but for some or the other reason she could never succeed. 

She had spent a good amount of money on gym memberships, diet consultations, and random weight loss pills. But what she really lacked was motivation and discipline. 

Around September 2022 she got in touch with the expert Hypnotherapist at Holistic Living. She shared her concerns with him and also confessed that she had always struggled with consistency and motivation all her life. She was caught up in the loop of negative thoughts which stopped her from taking active actions. 

The Hypnotherapist understood her concerns and assured her that Hypnotherapy will help her identity the root causes of her issues and work on resolving them. After a couple of sessions, Ayushi could see a shift in her perspective. She felt more in control of her thoughts and break that loop of overthinking. 

“Hypnotherapy helped me to get out of my head and actually live my life. Since I was no longer caught up in anxiety and stress I could happily stay committed to my diet plans and find time to exercise regularly. Of course, that helped me to quicken my weight loss and get in shape for my son’s wedding but I feel it has changed my life in many more ways. It has helped me to become a more positive and easy-going person” shares Ayushi.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a safe and effective treatment. However, it is not a substitute for diet consultations and workout routines. It simply aims at activating the power of your subconscious mind and developing a positive mindset that helps you to make mindful choices and stay mentally committed to your weight loss journey. 

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