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60 Years Old Expert Akashic Reader Answers Most Popular Questions About Akashic Reading

60 Years Old Expert Akashic Reader Answers Most Popular Questions About Akashic Reading

Expert Akashic Reader at Holistic Living

Akashic Record Reading is an effective and popular healing modality that is used to bring clarity and resolve many life issues including relationship conflicts, emotional turmoil, financial blockages, and undiagnosed health conditions. 

Many people seek the help of  an Expert Akashic Reader when they want to get an in-depth understanding of their life purpose and want to create a meaningful and happy life. 

However, there is still a lot of mystery around this healing practice. The expert Akashic reader believes that if we open our horizons and truly learn what Akashic Records are then we can get access to infinite power and blessings that can transform our lives for good.

She has been in the industry for 30 years now with expertise in Akashic Record Reading, Reiki Healing, Theta Healing, and other alternative modalities.

“India is a land of healing. Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda… Where did it all come from? We have really underestimated our own roots. I want more and more people to recognize the importance of these homegrown practices and adopt them in their lives. If we do that… If we do that with complete sincerity then we can experience a profound level of peace, faith, joy, and happiness. Don’t we all want that?” shares the expert Akashic Reader.

What Are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records is a universal library that stores information about your soul and its life journey. It gives you access to events, memories, emotions, struggles, and relationships that you will experience right from the conceptualization of your soul till it reaches its final destination. 

Think of Akashic Records like the Google search engine. It basically has the answers to all your questions and solutions to all your problems. The guidance given through Akashic reading can be incredibly useful in gaining deep clarity about your life and its purpose.

When we face negative patterns and blockages whether in our relationships, career or just life in general we often wonder, ‘why me?’ or ‘how do overcome all this?’. Akashic record readings can help you to understand your concerns better and how you can resolve them and create a beautiful life. 

What Happens In The Akashic Records?

In the Akashic Records, you get access to information about your past, present, and future. It is a vast pool of knowledge. It is not physical in nature. There is not an actual book labeled with your name which you can just open and start reading. 

Remember that here we are talking about the spiritual realm. There are angelic guides who help to get access to relevant pieces of information which you need at the current moment to heal or resolve your issues. 

In Akashic Records, you get in contact with your spirit guides, angels, and even your ancestors. 

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What Does an Expert Akashic Reader Do?

See, as I have mentioned before that Akashic Records is a spiritual library. This is stuff that is beyond our conscious awareness. If you want to get access to divine knowledge then there are things you need to do. 

First of all, not everyone can access the records and even if you succeed the most important part is to interpret the information and guidance you receive. For that, you need to have intuitive abilities, deep self-awareness, thorough meditation, and knowledge about certain techniques. 

It boils my blood when I see how casual Akashic Readings have become. Do you really believe that watching a 30-minutes video on YouTube will help you to access your records and solve all your problems? It does not work that way. There is an entire process and ethics that need to be followed. 

The expert akashic reader knows this process in and out. The expert Akashic Reader not only help you to access the records but also guide you at every step to understand what changes you need to do within yourself so that you can overcome blockages in your life or receive whatever it is that you have been yearning for. 

I had a client who thought that Akashic Records was like a magic portal. It was quite funny! It is all about gaining clarity and understanding of what you do with the information you get.. That is all up to you. 

So I would always recommend taking the help of Expert Akashic Reader. It is safe and guaranteed to work and you will have support and guidance at every step as well.

Should I Get An Akashic Reading?

If life is getting confusing and no matter how much you try you still feel stuck in life then Akashic Reading can give you the answers you need to clear the confusion and move closer to the life of your dreams. 

Akashic Reading is for someone who is facing repeated issues in their relationships, experiencing blockages and negative patterns, or even having unexplained physical illnesses and mental health issues. 

In such circumstances, accessing the akashic records can help you to confront your problems, gain clarity and confidence on how to resolve them, and ultimately transform your life.

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If you are a seeker of truth and want to live a meaningful life then talking to an expert akashic reader can help you to connect with your higher self and understand what is your life purpose and the steps you need to take to follow it.

What Is Akashic Record Healing?

I had a client who suffered from bad stomach aches. She consulted many doctors and went through a lot of tests and treatments but nothing worked for her. 

She came me and shared her concerns. I accessed her Akashic Records to understand the reason behind these untreatable stomach pains. We found out that in one of her previous lives she had suffered from multiple miscarriages. It was very traumatic for her and that had created energy blocks in her stomach. 

Opening the Akashic Records brings deep awareness which is the first step to healing. Then I helped her to release the energy blocks and activate her natural healing energies. Within 2 weeks her stomach pain reduced tremendously. 

So that is what Akashic Record Healing is. It is all about understanding why you are suffering and how you can end that suffering.

Is Akashic Records A Book?

Um, not really. I don’t think so. At least, not in the physical sense. I have not been up there so I cannot tell you what exactly it is. All I can say is that there are worlds that exist beyond our awareness. Each one of us is guided and protected by the divine. Akashic Records is just one way we can get access to that guidance and help. 

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