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What Is Pranic Healing?

What Is Pranic Healing?

What Is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing has been developed by a group of Medical Doctors and scientists over the last hundred years. They have discovered the healing power of pranic healing in humans. The healing can be achieved by either a practitioner of this science or someone who is trained as a mediator. Pranic Healing was developed in India, where it was used for thousands of years to heal wounds, illnesses, and spiritual and mental problems.

Pranic Healing is an advanced and tested technique of energy healing

It utilizes pranic energy to harmonize, balance, and transform the human body’s energy fields. Prana is the Sanskrit term which means life-force. This universal energy or vital life force to keep the human body alive and keeps the mind and spirit lively.

This innate ability of pranic healing is able to heal the disease or illness at its root and remove all obstacles that are hindering the progress of the healing process. When a person is suffering from an ailment the ailment itself causes a blockage of the life force that is called the prana.

This prana obstruction hinders the flow of energy throughout the body which results in various physical ailments. By using the techniques of this natural science the flow of the life force energy is unrestricted thereby enabling the person to heal.

The Pranic Healing techniques are not just a means of relaxation and meditation, they are also a means of re-energizing the mind and body and channeling the life-force energy to heal the physical body. The process is similar to that of mediation but instead of focusing on the internal part of the mind and soul it focuses on the external part of the body.

Meditation enables you to reach an inner state of mind and soul but pranic healing works on the same energy channels by healing the physical body. The physical body when healing becomes a form of energy structure similar to the chakras. The chakras are important in healing as they absorb the negative energy and store it for future usage.

The pranic healing technique uses an ancient science of energy field that is used to locate the blockage or pranic disturbance. In the human body there is a major energy body composed of subtle energy fields that surround and permeate the physical body.

By implanting special rays of light or color energy known as the colored beams that activate the flow of pranic healing the imbalance or blockage of the energy fields can be identified and repaired. Once identified, it is easier to treat the disorder thereby enabling the healing process to occur.

Pranic healing is one of the latest approaches to alternative medicine and has been adopted by thousands of people around the world. Many doctors who practice conventional medicine are now offering their services to clients as a complementary activity.

Some healers even work as spiritual advisers or consultants who advise their clients about their current situation or health issues. However, the majority of these practitioners do not perform pranic healing. Some of them are just charlatans who have started this modus operandi as an easy way to make some quick money out of people who are already in financial problems.

The most important thing about pranic healing is to identify the source of imbalance and blockage. This will enable the body to be properly worked on.

The body is the energy field around the physical body that is usually very strong, and resistant but sometimes it can become weak and less effective. To restore the body it is necessary to remove the source of blockage such as emotional trauma, physical illness, negative beliefs, toxins, and the like. When the source of the blockage is removed, it allows the body to come back stronger and more effective.

This natural healing technique uses the natural energy found around us all. There is pranic energy around every living things in nature such as plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses. We are surrounded by it in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the energy we interact with on a daily basis. Pranic healing uses this energy to heal our bodies from within. This energy has been described as the life force that lies dormant inside us. It is known as the prana, which is derived from the Sanskrit words prana (life) and rana (mind).

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