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Vastu Shastra Saved A Family of 4 From A Shocking Tragedy

Vastu Shastra Saved A Family of 4 From A Shocking Tragedy

“I never believed in Vastu Shastra but my wife did. My wife is a neurosurgeon and I could not believe that she would be keen on believing something as vague as Vastu Shastra”.

Mohan confesses his initial doubts about Vastu Shastra. Being a real estate agent, he has had many clients who insisted on designing the house as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. An ever-practical man Mohan could not fathom how adding blue could bring peace to their lives!

“Life has a strange way of breaking your beliefs. On 8th March 2019, we shifted to our new home in Sydney, Australia. It was my dream to be able to afford a house in Australia. I come from a middle-class family who lived in a small house on the streets of Dombivali. Despite the financial crunches my parents never compromised on my education. I had many ups and downs but kept going on because I wanted to make my parents proud and give them a peaceful and happy old age.

happy family enjoying together
<span style=color cc99ff><strong><em>Family is everything for Mohan<em><strong><span>


Everything was amazing in our new home in Sydney. It was spacious enough to give both our kids the privacy they needed and a separate room for my amma and appa. I was living the perfect dream. Unfortunately, that lasted only for a few weeks.

By the end of April, we started experiencing strange events. The electrical appliances would suddenly go off and not work for days even after we fixed them. My eldest son kept falling sick and the doctors could not figure out what it was. I suffered from sudden financial losses. It was like everything was falling apart and I could not figure out why and what to do about it.

This lasted for almost 2 months. They were the most tragic months of our lives. After trying and failing at every attempt, my wife suggested that we should consult our guruji. He is a spiritual healer with vast expertise on Vastu Shastra, Numerology and Astrology. I had immense respect for him but for some reason I was not comfortable with depending on the stars to decide my fate.

My wife, amma and appa were of the opinion that we should consult him since there was no reasonable explanation or solution to all the problems that we were facing”

Mohan’s story sounded like a perfect fit for a movie plot. But then again sometimes life’s tragedies are nothing short of a movie scene. At times things don’t make sense and we can get caught up in the whirlwind of confusion and tension.

Mohan had a lot at stake. His dream home, the health of his family, and his future aspirations. When there is so much to lose one cannot leave any stones unturned. He agreed to video call his wife’s guruji and explained in detail everything that was happening.

“He listened intently and then asked me to show him around the house.  He was calm and expressionless. I wondered if he could really understand anything that was happening. When I took him to the kitchen, he suddenly asked me to stop. He remained silent for a few minutes and then asked me to call him back tomorrow.

I felt frustrated and helpless. I could not sleep the whole night in the anticipation of guruji’s absurd behavior. I kept overthinking about every possible scenario.

The next morning, we received a call from him. He informed us that the kitchen was once a prayer room for the Christian family that lived before us. I was shocked because I was pretty sure that I never told him about them.

He told us to deconstruct our kitchen sink and change it into a small prayer room as soon as possible. Considering the things that were happening in our home I decided to follow guruji’s advice and do exactly what he says”

Mohan renovated a part of his kitchen into the prayer room and ever since then the strange events in his house have stopped. His son’s health has recovered tremendously and life seems back on track except for the normal hunches.

“It has been two years now. Our family will never forget that insane tragedy. I am grateful to guruji, really. His knowledge of Vastu Shastra, spiritual energies and everything really saved me and my family. He made me a believer”

Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural practice. It combines the principles of design, astronomy, astrology, and architectural science. These elements are then used to construct and design a space that attracts wealth, abundance, prosperity, and health.

A Vastu Shastra expert can give guidance on how to block and protect yourself from negative energies. In Mohan’s case, the guruji using his expertise in Vastu Shastra was able to detect the blocked energies in the kitchen room. His advice on deconstructing and building the prayer room helped to release these energies and allow the flow of positive ones.

Many people build and design their houses, offices and other spaces as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. They believe that it definitely adds more value or serves as a precautionary measure against negativity.

“Vastu Shastra is not pseudoscience. It is true that it may not be backed by scientific research but that is only because there is not enough research done on it. In my 25 years of practicing Vastu Shastra I have seen people’s lives change for the better. It has opened doors to so much of success, prosperity and happiness. But still I would like to add that Vastu Shastra is not an alternative to medical or other health treatments but at the same it is also not magic” shares Vastu Shastra Expert at The Holistic Living.

Mohan had his doubts about Vastu Shastra but it all changed after he and his family witnessed tragic events that left them all feeling shocked and confused. A Vastu Shastra Expert was able to detect the problem and saved the family from further losses. Today Mohan feels that he is more open minded and stronger in his faith.

We all dream of a happy home. A place where we feel belonged, loved and safe. We thrive every day to build a home of our dreams and we would do anything to protect our home from every possible danger. Making your home as per the guidance of a Vastu Shastra Expert can block out negative energies and attract true blessings in your life.

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