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How a Vastu Expert Changed My Life For My Own Good!

How a Vastu Expert Changed My Life For My Own Good!

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is our ancient science and it is believed that it has come from Vedas. We know Vedas are very important in our culture. It is believed that Vastu plays a great role in the well-being, health and happiness of the people. However, if we talk about the modern era the role of ancient wisdom and knowledge is not held most important. People do not give priority to it. Vastu means ‘house’ is a science which deals with designing, planning and building. 

The study and practice of Vastu Shastra deals with the celestial bodies and magnetic force. It is believed that this heavenly planet has a deep impact on us. Earth also has its magnetic field. So it is quite logical to say that humans should survive with harmony and peace with cosmic elements. Many ancient saints and sages have given their views on this.

  • Elements of Vastu Shastra: Five important elements are present in nature: Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth), Tejas (fire) and Ambar (sky). Vastu Shastra plays a great role in the house. From building to designing or choosing a colour or which object should be placed in which direction. 3 elements namely air, water and fire is a must to be present in the house. We should inculcate this thing for a smooth and harmonious function in our house. Otherwise, if it is not synchronised properly then it affects the life of the people in the house.
  • My Experience: I was a non-believer. But something happened and it changed my life. I thank my Vastu Expert who helped to solve the problem I was dealing with. Without him, I would have never got to understand how Vastu plays important role in our lives. My name is Shailesh. I was working as an executive at my company. I was praised for my hard work and commitment. I loved my work and enjoyed doing it. My work gave me happiness. There was no problem. Even I got the award of Best Employee in the company. I was working in a company for 10 years. I was at the peak of my career.


  • Problems I faced: Then I got married to Sakshi. After marriage all was good. It was as if life became beautiful after Sakshi entered my life. Both of us had a good job and salary. By saving money from our salaries we decided to take a 2 BHK flat for ourselves. We shifted and the change began to happen. After moving in there I and my wife used to fight on small things. Even if we talked there were a tussle and quarrel. We almost stopped talking so that we might not fight.

The other thing that happened was from two years my promotion was stopped. I was eligible for promotion but no matter what there was no response from the head office whether I would get a promotion or not. My boss kept reminding the head office that my promotion was due. But all was in vain.


  • The solution: I met my wife’s sister Shubanghi who knows astrology. So she suggested me to go to his friend Anil who was a Vastu Expert. Although I have no interest. But upon insisting I went to meet him. I explained to him the delay in my promotions and the quarrel between me and my wife. Anil decided to audit my home. The designs were shown and he visited and examined my flat. Anil told me that there were several problems like our bedroom was facing South West side, the colour of the bedroom was pink, Toilet Seat was in the west direction and the entrance gate was not on certain degrees. Vastu Expert recommended changes and I changed the colour of the bedroom to Yellow. Degrees was changed at the entrance. The direction of the Toilet Seat was changed.

After that, I got a promotion letter within two months. Our married life became happy. I was blessed with a girl child. Now I am very happy with the progress in my life. This way Vastu Shastra and Vastu Expert helped me to change my life. Are you facing problems in your life? Don’t know what to do? Meet Vastu Expert at The Holistic Living who will help and guide you to solve your life problems. If you need any valuable products then you can check out the wellness store.

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