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Transform Your Life :10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself This New Year

Transform Your Life :10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself This New Year

Transform Your Life: 10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself This New Year

It is said that the quality of your life will depend on the quality of questions you ask. This new year you must seize the opportunity to ask yourself significant questions about your own life and help yourself to Transform Your Life 

If you don’t know where to start then we have this list of powerful questions which can completely change the trajectory of your journey and Transform Your Life.

How do I feel right now?

Human beings have an insatiable urge to achieve, so there is always be something left to do. So one of the most significant questions – am I able to accept my life just as it is? 

Unless you acknowledge the reality you won’t be able to move forward. So don’t forget to check in with yourself regularly, it would help you in transforming your life faster.

How do I feel when I am alone?

Only when you spend time in solitude you will be able to understand your inner world. 

“Alone time” is not meant only for introverts we all need it and this is the time. Only when you introspect, you will get answers to transform your life.

What attracts me and what repels me?

Our surroundings that include places/people/things carry signals that can be felt at various levels (mental, emotional, physical) by us. You feel comfortable, peaceful, content, relaxed at some places, while at other places you feel anxious, irritated, uncomfortable. Catch the signals and try to avoid places/people that make you uncomfortable.significant questions that you need to ask yourself

What are the biggest hurdles that I have crossed?

Among the significant questions, this one is an important one to go back to. How much you have learned from the crisis you faced in your life?

I am sure we all have faced crises. Although we resist them, they knock on our doors regularly! If we change the way we look at them we can disburden ourselves. What if – “the crisis is there to teach me something”. Once we have that understanding, we are ready to transform our lives.

What am I offering to the world around me?

We cohabit this world with human beings, animals and other elements of nature. Nature has enough for everyone. But we should not exploit and be conscious of the things we consume. You don’t have to take big hefty steps, little actions can contribute to the bigger picture. Are you exploiting or helping the world around you? pondering over such questions would help you make the necessary changes and help transform your life.

When was the last time I had a belly laugh?

Laughter and humor both are very essential for our mental well-being but we discount them to a great extent.  “Laughter is and always be, the best form of therapy.”

Am I willing to try something out of my comfort zone?

When we go past our comfort, we discover a whole new world of possibilities around us. Of course, it looks easier and comfortable when hanging in our comfort zone but in the long run, this can be painful because comfort kills our curiosity and courage.

How is my relationship with people around me? 

Be it your colleagues in the office or your family or your friends, you have to be conscious of your relationships. As the world is tilting more towards materialism we tend to take our relationships lightly. But any wise person will tell you that the greatest happiness is derived when we are able to love and when we feel loved. So regularly check and ask yourself- How is my relationship with_ ? How can I make it better? All these efforts would significantly help you Transform your life.

What does growth look like for me?

No one (other than you) can understand what exactly you want from life. People will tell you, suggest you based on their assumption so it’s better to self enquire, to self reflect. What do I want from life? What does growth look like for me? What is my definition of success? What does happiness look like for me? 

All the answers can be answered best by YOU!

What do I need to leave behind?

Just like a snake sheds its skin, just like leaves fall off in autumn (and are replaced by new ones), we should also ask ourselves- What do I need to leave behind? What is it that’s holding me back? What is preventing me from living my best life?

And when you get the answer don’t be afraid to shed that weight because you are meant for flying higher!

If you find yourself wanting more about how you can transform your life you can seek help from any of the well-known online counselors!!

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