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7 Best Tips on Parenting

7 Best Tips on Parenting

7 Best Tips on Parenting

Parenting is one of the toughest and fulfilling jobs in the world. You are the least prepared for it – and everywhere you turn, people are offering different tips on parenting. But you have to do a good job so that your kid should learn human values, feelings, emotion etc. To be a good and proud parent it needs a great deal of consistency and routine. You should focus on the overall development of the kids. Kids should know how to soar up in the sky and at the same time, there should be a sense of control. Taking care of your kid from infancy to adulthood and making him/her a better person is what parents do irrevocably and unconditionally.


My uncle Satnam has a kid named Rahul who was very naughty and sometimes he used to become aggressive. Rahul’s parents were very much worried about him. Rahul didn’t listen to anyone and he was not easy to control. Always he used to create problems and nuances for his parents. Satnam Ji was very worried. Then he met a Parenting Coach who told him the ways and effective methods for good parenting like boosting a child’s confidence, loving him, trusting him etc. Now Rahul has become a good kid and his parents are proud of him.

Here are 7 useful ways to become proud parents: 

  • Be Flexible: Try to change your parenting style with time. It is necessary to do so. Don’t have unrealistic expectations from them. Don’t pressurize them. Always try to change and be accustomed to the surroundings. As the child grows, you have to change according to them. Because what may work for them earlier is not going to work for them for now. Provide your guidance and encouragement and make use of every single moment to build a strong connection with them.
  • Boost up your kid’s confidence: Right from the beginning when your kids are babies they develop a sense and are affected by their parents the most. Your body language, actions, expressions and all the other things are absorbed by the child. So always praise your kids for their achievements however small it is. Let your kids do things independently making them feel and strong. Try to avoid giving them negatively or belittling comments. Make your kids know that you still love them even if they make mistakes.
become Proud Parents by teaching them to do things together
Become Proud Parents by teaching them to do things together
  • Set Limits and be consistent: Discipline is the most important thing to be followed. The motto is to make your kids have self-control. As a parent, you need to set limits for your kid which will help them to become a responsive adult. Let your kids understand your expectations and develop self-control. Be consistent with the rules.
  • Make Time for your kids: Spend quality time with your kids. Studies have shown that parents who do not give attention to their kids often create mischief to get their parents attention. Eat lunch, breakfast or dinner with them. Discuss what is going in their day to day life. Look for other ways to connect like rewarding them or making them choose how to spend their special time etc. If you are a working parent try to do small things like making popcorn, playing cards which your kid will remember.
  • Be a Role Model for them: Kids learn by watching their parents. Think before you act and know that your kid is always watching you. Be a role model for them. Model the traits you want to see in your kid like respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness etc. Treat your kids the way you expect other people should treat you. Always offer compliments to other people.
  • Show Your kids to love them: As a parent, you have every right to guide your kid, correct them and show them the right path. When you have to confront your kids don’t lower their self-esteem, blame them. But encourage them even when you are trying to discipline them. Try to nurture them and make them feel you are there for your kid always no matter what happens.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses as a parent: Face your weakness. It is okay to be an imperfect parent. Because there are no rules or guidelines for becoming perfect. Recognize your strength and vow to work on them. Focus on one area at a time and try to come up with solutions. Set the goals which you and your kids can achieve. Admit your problems when you are wrong. Make time for yourself besides being a parent. There is no bad or selfish in that.

Above are the effective ways to become proud parents of your kid. Always remember that you need to be more patient with them Because it takes time to nurture your kids into good human beings. Remember that kids are their parents’ reflection. So always do good and think before acting about what effect it will have on your kid.

Do you want to become proud parents? Do you want to inculcate good values in your kids? But don’t know how to do it! Well, here is the way with the help of experts from The Holistic Living who will guide you and give you effective tips on parenting. You can also check out the wellness store for other valuable products to help you in your life. “The sign of great parenting depends upon the parent’s behavior and not on the child’s behavior.”


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