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How to Maintain Your Charm in 7 Achievable Ways

How to Maintain Your Charm in 7 Achievable Ways

Learn the tips to charm and become the most likable person of any group within seconds.

A popular phrase goes, “Worked like a Charm”.

At the heart of someone who possesses real charisma, the people in their presence feel special and walk away with a boost of energy. First impressions count. From work events to cocktail hours, small talk is present in every aspect of your daily life. Making a great first impression at social functions can be a frightening task. Seven seconds is all it takes for us to judge someone we are meeting for the first time. To make these seven seconds count, you will need an elevator pitch. Confidence is a prime aspect because when you are at ease the people, you’re interacting with will also feel unguarded.

I was a very underconfident and nervous student in school. I was petrified of public speaking and found it quite difficult to speak in a room full of people. However, after consultation from the trained experts at The Holistic Living and the support of my parents, I was able to modify my image to become the charismatic and likeable person I always wanted to be. By keeping these seven proven points in mind, you will be able to charm any meet and greet.

  1. Punctuality:

When you are meeting someone for the first time, the best way to show that you are reliable is if you arrive a bit early before your appointment. It also shows you value their time. Take the help of technology to better your punctuality instead of hindering it. Develop time management habits like setting alarms or calendar reminders so you are on top of your game.

Always smile
  1. Win hearts with a smile!

A beautiful, wide smile is comforting, welcoming and sends off the signal that you are approachable. It serves to be the most effective ice breaker, gives off an upbeat vibe and people will know you are fun to be around. Infectious laughter is the most important secret of charming people that even the most cold-blooded among us cannot resist. The wider your smile is, the more attractive you appear to others.

  1. Respect people

One of the profound forms of respect is actually listening to what the other person has got to say. When people feel someone understands them, they will feel naturally drawn to that person. When people find someone who respects their opinion, their point of view, and experiences, it will make them feel important.

  1. Show a little vulnerability

The beauty of showing vulnerability is that it makes us more humane and compassionate.  There is no reason to hide it. Charming people compliment, get impressed, ask questions, feel excited, and are willing to accept their weaknesses. They are not scared to let their defenses fall because they know their weaknesses don’t control them.

  1. Talk less, listen more

One major signs of shallow people are talking about themselves all the time. On the contrary, an enchanting person listens more than he talks. By merely paying attention to what the other person is telling you, you are giving importance to him. By listening more, you will earn the complete trust of the person revealing sensitive information to you. Interpersonal communication skills are crucial if you wish to become a charming person.

Exude Charm and become likeable in a group
Exude Charm and become likeable in a group
  1. Practice the right body language

Body language is equally important in communication as is the right words. When talking to someone, a charming person’s body language demonstrates confidence and openness. Their arms are wide open and their legs are relaxed, which makes them approachable. When I started applying this tip in my college life, I noticed that I could make new friends easily and hold conversations with my peers for a longer time.

  1. Know the News

Know the event you will be attending and the types of people that will be present. This way you can foresee topics that might pop up during a conversation. Make sure that you keep up with the latest news. It will prove to be a wonderful conversation starter and show that you are well aware of what’s happening in the world around you.

While we may assume that we are either born with charm or not, that is entirely false. Charm is something we learn, by observation of others such as our parents, friends, or older siblings. Charm has the ability to gain us favor, garner desired attention, strengthen relationships and lead us on the path of success. What exactly makes someone appear charming is a combination of exuding high power and high warmth. Those around you perceive you as someone who is trustworthy and genuine.

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