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A Spiritual Healer Can Help Transform Your Life

A Spiritual Healer Can Help Transform Your Life

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity!

Spiritual Healer helps the person who needs healing and this is done by taking different sessions( normally 6-8). So that the healer can bring out the improvement for the person suffering from it.

Healing of the mind and body is a holistic process that helps us in activating the energy within ourselves. It is very important to heal our mind spiritually. Spiritual Healing means that we should work on a deeper level within ourselves i.e. on the subconscious and unconscious level of mind. Spiritual Healing gives us a sense of power and control over our body. Healing on a spiritual level gives meaning and purpose to our life. Healing involves the transfer of energy; which means that a healer is connected with the Universe as a whole or we can say with Divine energy which can heal our body, mind and spirit.

Now I am going to share my life story that how a spiritual healer helped me and I was able to come out of it. 

My name is Sahil and I attended the healing sessions through the medium of Holistic Living. For almost 10 years I was suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. I was not able to take proper sleep. My mental condition was so bad that I had to take the anti-depressants so that I could take some rest. So I went to the spiritual healer and he started taking my sessions. 

In the first session, I felt relaxed and calm and in the following week, I was able to sleep properly almost after ages. Then I started attending regular sessions and I followed the instructions of my healer. I use to do meditation daily for calming my nerves. During the sessions which I took for almost the next two months, I use to feel that there was a flow of energy in my body.

Spiritual Healing makes you feel lighter
Spiritual Healing makes you feel lighter

As the sessions proceeded I felt very ‘lighter’, calmer and more content. I felt the other sensations in my body which I have almost forgotten in the years. I found inner peace within myself. I felt connected with the Universe once again. My panic attacks have stopped. Now I no longer need to take the anti-depressants. Now I am helping other people and volunteering at the Healing Centre.

For every person the mechanism of healing is different. As told by many spiritual healers that they see “energies in the mind’s eyes. So there was a lady named Savita who has come for healing. There was a ‘black cloud of negative energy coming out of Savita’s head. After the session, Savita said that she felt good and light. She was feeling burden-free in her mind as if something has gone out of her. I who was there all the time shared my experience that I have also seen something black coming out of her. Thus we three people experienced or saw that same energy that day.


There are various ways through which you can maintain your spirituality. Here they are:

  • Meditation plays an integral part in the process of spiritual healing. As it induces feelings of calm and also improves our concentration and attention. Meditation has helped to overcome various mental health issues like depression, anxiety, chronic attacks etc.
  • Prayer: The second thing to relax is to pray. Because prayer gives you power, a feeling of hope, gratitude and compassion. Prayer also comforts and supports in difficult times.  
  • Yoga: helps in reducing depression, stress and anxiety. It lowers your blood pressure and increases the feelings of well being. In Yoga, doing certain postures creates a sense of union and togetherness.
  • Writing Experiences: It is good to write daily or maintain a journal or a diary. By writing you get to know yourself, innermost desires, feelings and you get connected with the experiences and happenings taking around you and the world. You become ready to face the obstacles.

Spiritual healers have popularized this kind of healing around the world. Thousands of people seek the help of a Spiritual Healer. Spiritual People make healthier and happier choices in their life. By practicing spirituality a person can live their life longer. You as a person can rise above other people and you are more closer to Universe or Divine energy.

Want to heal your body spiritually? Want to have inner and mental peace? Here we are! We at The Holistic Living with the guidance of different experts will assist you in your problems. If you need any valuable products then you can check out the wellness store. “Spiritual Healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being- the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.”

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