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Signs That You Are In a Toxic Relationship: 7 Simple Ways To Deal With It

Signs That You Are In a Toxic Relationship: 7 Simple Ways To Deal With It

Finding a partner who loves you and supports you is truly one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. Despite that, every relationship has to go through ups and downs. Some relationships are not just going through a patch of ups and downs and are truly toxic. It’s important to identify a toxic or difficult relationship and see if the things can be brought back on track or leaving the relationship behind is the only option!



We all have heard that maintaining a healthy relationship is not very easy. The line between a healthy and a toxic relationship is very thin. This line can be quickly crossed.

The relationship can turn toxic if you do not pay attention to the red flags. It is important to understand when and where things need fixing and when to let go. Here are few signs of difficult or toxic relationships you may experience in your or your loved one’s life – 

Signs of Toxic Behavior In a Relationship

1. Lack of Trust

Do you try to check your partner’s phone when he is not around? Does he try to “keep an eye” over you every time you go out of the house?

Trust is the most important attribute in a healthy relationship. Constantly spying on each other is exhausting. You won’t be happy in your relationship if you have a hard time trusting each other. 

2. Lack of Support

Are you both willing to support each other in the endeavors of life? Or, You are fixated that your goals are more important than that of your partner. Lack of support from a partner gives way to self-doubt. It is difficult to carry on if you don’t support each other.  

3. Communication Gap

Are you able to voice your concerns in front of your partner? Do you share your thoughts and feelings freely? Or, Instead of listening to each other, you avoid conversation. When the conversation does take place it becomes hostile, sarcastic, draining. Which leaves the concerns unaddressed.

Relationship experts can help you communicate in a healthier way.

4. Boundary Issues

Boundaries are a healthy way to protect your identity in a relationship. If you constantly give and resent that your partner is not taking care of you, you have boundary issues. You force your wishes and desires on each other. You lack contentment and don’t give space to each other. 


5. Resentment

You don’t like to be around your partner. You always try to escape the plans that you make together. You hold on to grudges. You bring forth ghosts from your past in every conversation to annoy your partner. 

6. Jealousy

You constantly criticize and shame your partner. You do not appreciate your partner’s achievements. Their life achievements make you insecure. You compete with your partner and never act as a team! In such situations, you may like to take support from an emotional wellness expert.

7. Physical abuse 

Does your partner hit you and later commit that this won’t happen again? And every time this happens you believe next time it won’t! 

Toxic relationship patterns can be difficult to point out and even more difficult to deal with. Relationships which started on strong and healthy footing can find themselves in the grip of toxicity. If you found out you have come in it’s grip then here are simple ways to deal with it-


7 Ways to Deal With a Toxic or Difficult Relationship


1. Identify and Educate

The first thing you have to do to deal with a toxic or difficult relationship is to know that you are in it. It becomes difficult to accept that you are suffering and that the person you love the most is responsible for it. And when you have accepted the fact then it is time to educate yourself. Without knowing the ways and behaviors which bring toxicity in a relationship it becomes difficult to move forward. You can also seek the support of a relationship expert.

2. Practice Self-care

It is possible that in a toxic relationship to feels neglected and alone. You have to understand the importance of self-care. You may not know when this conflict between you and your partner will get resolved. You cannot wait for your partner to make you happy. Take responsibility for your own happiness. 

3. Create Boundaries 

Boundaries are the way you teach other people the way would like to be treated. In a toxic relationship, it becomes all the more important to enforce boundaries.

Boundaries can be of different types- physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, financial boundaries. You first have to clearly communicate your boundaries, and follow through with the consequences when there is a violation. 

4. Be Truthful

Set a clear intention that you are going to be truthful to yourself and your partner. It becomes difficult, to tell the truth when you feel that the other person might not understand, they might judge you or get angry with you. But lying to your partner will further complicate the situation.

5. Seek Therapy

Visit a therapist or a relationship expert if you are having a hard time figuring things out yourself. Your interaction with the therapist can give you a new perspective. The therapist can show you healthier ways to communicate and resolve conflict. 

6. Accept- You Might Have to Let Go 

You gave your best but the situation isn’t changing? 

Be willing to walk away if you see that things are not changing. Be willing to stand up for yourself. It gets difficult to move away when your lives are intertwined- you have to take care of children, finances, and accommodation. In such situations create a group of people who love you and care for you. Bring your family and friends on board and don’t hesitate to seek support from them.

7. Remember Who You Are

When you go through such ups and downs in your relationship it’s easy to lose hope. At this difficult time, you should remember that you deserve goodness in your life. Remember that you can overcome any obstacle with the courage in your heart and the support of loved ones. 


Will The Relationship Come Back On Track?

When you go through such a test in your relationship you wonder – Can I save this relationship? Can I overcome this difficult relationship? Can I deal with a toxic relationship? The answer is both – YES and NO! Because the answer lies entirely with you and your partner. Are you willing to do the work? Is your partner willing to do the work?

You cannot force someone to change. Change comes from within. You both must have an intention to stick together while you are working towards your goal of cultivating a loving and healthy and soulful relationship. 

In this journey, sometimes you will find that you both may need a neutral person who will guide you in this stormy weather. The Relationship experts will help you revitalize the emotional connection and will help you bridge the communication gap to build a soulful relationship. Remember- abuse of any kind is a big red flag, be it emotional, verbal, or physical. If you are experiencing any form of abuse do not hesitate to seek help.

You May Like to Talk To a Relationship Expert.


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