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Anger Management

Anger Management focuses on how you can effectively manage, reduce and control your psychological and physical reactions of anger. It helps you to respond calmly to situations and people that trigger strong reactions within you.

Anger is a natural emotion, but it becomes problematic when:

  • Your reaction is way bigger than the problem
  • Small and petty things make you burst out of anger
  • You find it difficult to control your anger most of the times
  • You tend to become physically or verbally abusive
  • You indulge in self-harm or substance use as a way to release your anger

These signs are an indication that your anger is way out of control and anger management is a much-needed solution.

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Dó you need Anger Management Counselling?

Anger and frustration can be triggered by end number of reasons such as:

  • Daily life hassles such as traffic, minor inconveniences, pollution
  • Stressful work environment has reported to increase anger to dangerous levels
  • Relationship conflicts, heated arguments and discussions
  • Unhealed past traumas or suppressed pain

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Benefits of Stress Management Counseling

Understand yourself better to find solutions to your problems.​

Talk to a trained counsellor who helps you solve your stress problems and find solutions. When talking to a counsellor, he or she will first use questions to understand what you are feeling, then they will ask you more questions in order to find the cause of your stress.

Build self-confidence with stress counseling

Constructive self-talk, time for you, and above all else, being good to you are their best ways to take care of your mental health.​

Counseling stress reduces stress levels.

Help you to learn to manage your stress levels through stress release therapy and self-help. It teaches you how to understand and deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression.


Is Stress Good ?

How does Anger impact your life ?

Too much of anger is never a good sign and can lead to a number of physical and mental problems such as:

  • It can cause disruption in your work life,
  • Make you lose out on valuable relationships,
  • Lead to accidents, physical assaults and serious troubles.
  • Physical dangers such as high blood pressure, heart attacks,
  • More prone to substance abuse

It is important to recognize the warning signs of stress and take immediate support to overcome stressors in your life.

What are the causes of stress ?

Stress can be caused due to an end number of reasons. Some of the most common causes of stress are:

  • Workplace stress.
  • Stress from exams
  • Stress from relationships/marriage
  • Daily life hassles
  • Major or sudden life changes
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of purpose or direction in life


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quick tips for anger management

stress release therapy

● Become more mindful and aware of your triggers

● Build more empathy and compassion towards others

● Do activities that make you feel calm. It could be cooking, painting, taking a stroll etc.

● When you feel like your anger is boiling up, take some time off and then respond.

● Be open and consistent with therapy

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How Can Therapy Help To Overcome Stress ?

Therapy provides a space of safety, privacy, trust and acceptance where you can openly discuss and share your thoughts and feelings. Anger is often the tip of the iceberg. There could be many suppressed feelings and unhealed past traumas underneath the anger.
Therapy will help you to understand the real cause of anger and resolve them from their roots. A therapist provides effective tools and techniques on how you can control and manage your anger levels.



“I can see positive changes in my husband’s anger. It is such a great impact on our children as well. He used to lash out on small things because of work stress but ever since therapy I can see that he can manage the stress well” -Payal, 45 years, Los Angeles

Holistic Living Stress Management Techniqus

“I used to be angry about life in general. Therapy helped me to accept those painful events of my life. I feel much more joyful about my life now. My therapist is very understanding and professional. I am happy with the overall ease and service given by Holistic Living” – Darshan, 36 years, Hyderabad

Holistic Living helped me to reduce stress level and get a better sleep in night

“My therapist is amazing. She genuinely helps me to manage my anger better. The breathing exercises work like magic now.” – Gaurav, 22 years, Gujarat

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