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Learn EFT ( Tapping ) Online Workshop

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    3:00-5:00 pm
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    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of the most trusted brand-names in Energy Psychology. In this three days, 7 hours online course you will learn how to identify, acknowledge, and deal with the unresolved negative emotions which are the main cause of physical disease, mental & emotional imbalance, and poor performance and productivity.
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    Introduction to the revolutionary field of Energy Psychology-How energy works and the deep connection between energy & emotions. Understand what are emotions and how they function. Find out the invisible deep connection of unresolved negative issues with visible physical diseases and discomforts. Learn to deal with unresolved negative emotions.
  • About Me:
    I am an internationally certified LIFE purpose coach, an EFT practitioner and workshop facilitator, and one of the pioneer promoters of emotional health and wellness in the country since 2005. I am conducting these workshops since 2008 under my initiative MEHAC - Mental & Emotional Health & Awareness Campaign and conducted around 100 EFT workshops already.

Take Charge of Your Emotional  Well-being.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, generally referred to as EFT and Tapping, is one of the most trusted modalities in the field of Energy Healing & Energy Psychology.

EFT is used for clearing emotional blockages, addressing root causes of diseases, eliminating fears and phobias, enhancing work performance, enhancing self-esteem and confidence, many other aspects of health and wellness, and also to attract abundance.

It is one of the easiest modality to understand, simple to use, and relatively fast method to address the above-mentioned aspects. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on the principles of acupuncture which involves activating the energy meridian by stimulating the acupoints on the body through fingertips while tuning-in the negative unresolved emotions.

What you will learn and experience ..Salient features of the workshop-

  1. Introduction to the revolutionary field of Energy Psychology
  2. How energy works and the deep connection between energy & emotions
  3. Understand what are emotions and how they function
  4. Find out the invisible deep connection of unresolved negative issues with visible physical diseases and discomforts
  5. Emotional causes of diseases, discomforts, and underperformance in our personal and professional lives
  6. How do the negative blocks create and how if not addressed effectively generate physical, emotional and mental imbalance
  7. Know the history and basis of EFT tapping
  8. Learn EFT tapping Basics and its practical use in dealing with negative unresolved emotions
  9. Learn EFT Tapping Borrowing benefits
  10. Learn Imaginary & Telephonic tapping
  11. Start your own Personal Peace Procedure

NEW Additions

  • More practical demos
  • Exclusive brief introduction of the relationship of Inherent Behavior Traits (Temperament) & emotions
  • Advance set-up phrases and reminder statements
  • Introducing CHOICE METHOD** – How to use tapping for installing positives
  • Discussion over Aspects and Energy Toxins

Additional Benefits

The following will be provided to all participants, along with this three-days workshop which includes the following :

  1.  WhatsApp support to ask questions and seek clarification while putting the method into practice
  2. Email support for sharing and articulating those experiences in details which provides depth in the learning
  3. 60 minutes exclusive one to one coaching/counseling sessions within 15 days from the completion date


Meet the Workshop Facilitator

Mr. Mahesh Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor of  Know Your True Self® Research Academy, is a Personal Performance Coach and EFT practitioner for more than a decade and has been researching in the fields of human behavior, emotions, and energy psychology. He is a passionate humanist and nature enthusiast. He is among the pioneer promoters of emotional health and well-being in the country.  He considered EFT as one of the most helpful, effective, and non-manipulable methods to address the underlying negative unresolved emotions. It is easy to learn and understand and simple enough to be applied without any complex jargon or methodology or ritual. And in his views, these salient features make this method or similar methods, one of the most used methods to address the emotional causes of physical disease, discomfort, and underperformance in the arena of healing in the world today.

He has already conducted more than 100 physical and virtual workshops and introduced this method to thousands of individuals from various different fields. He considers EFT as one of the most effective tools in his Life and Personal Performance Coaching practice. He passionately engages with the participants in the workshop, whether physical or virtual and offers his exclusive after workshop support.


Read more about EFT Benefits: 5 Life Experiences on How People benefitted 


Testimonials- What our clients have to say about the workshop:

  1. I have found the most effective technique to manage my emotions, which many a time bothers me a lot. Khushboo Lavania, Student, Agra
  2. I had my dream come true, got started in my chosen career. Swati Saraswat, Student, Agra
  3. I can’t forgive people easily, even the incidents which occurred long back bothers me even now, but now I realize I can forgive them and live my life more easily. Renu, Student, Agra
  4. I was constantly engaged in others’ opinions and hurt myself, but After knowing the truth  I actually started loving myself, and it feels great. Shweta Saraswat, Housewife, Agra.
  5. The workshop greatly helped me understand myself and assisted me in resolving one of my long-standing personal challenges. Dr. Ashok Sharma, MD,Agra
  6. Today I clearly come to know that all the challenges and problems can be solved if we go inside and seek to resolve them from within. Raja Ram Nain, ETO, Faridabad.
  7. I am feeling very much relaxed after the workshop, and I truly believe that I will overcome my nervousness and low self-image very soon. Abhishek,Student, Meerut.
  8. The workshop has helped me in many areas, especially in one of my physical conditions which I was living with for the last ten years.  I have seen tremendous improvement in my psoriasis by applying EFT. Gopala Krishnan, Professional, Faridabad.
  9. I am taking confidence, a positive attitude, and belief from here.  I have with my son and watching him understand these facts in this early age is a very good feeling. Rakesh Ranjan Srivastava,Owner, CMC Computers, Dhanbad.
  10. I will give my life a better direction.  Whatever I have found today in this workshop, I will definitely make use of it for betterment of mine and others’ life. Dipti, Housewife, Dhanbad.
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Event date 18/06/2022
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