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Ms. Nandini Shrivastava-Devlopment counsultant

  • Brief Description:
    I would like to introduce myself as mental and well being life coach, who has provided counselling and mentoring services to a varied number of people in dealing with personal and professional issues pertaining to their life purposes and overall development. (Life coach), (purpose and clarity coach) offering help in mental health and lifestyles issues including anxiety, depression, loneliness, doubt on self worth.
  • Credentials:
    M.phil from delhi university in social work
  • Testimonials:
    Session was really good, enjoyed it and found it useful :)
  • Opening Hours:
    05:00 pm-7:00 pm -Monday-Sunday

Ms. Nandini Shrivastava-Mindfulness coach |Development consultant| soft skill trainer | Educationist | Gender specialist

Nandini Shrivastava is a life well beingness and mental coach with an interest in understanding human experience and exploring lives with all misery and joys. She believes that each individual is unique and wonderful in their ways and hence she uses a heterogeneous approach wherein the course of therapy is tailored according to what the client resonates with.

She advocates for the destigmatization of mental health through various media that break the taboo around it and spread awareness about its significance. She offers listening and companionship to the person and provides a safe space for growth. She has experience of eight years in pedagogy and andragogy means a wide variety of populations ranging from adolescents, college students, and young adults to adults nationally and internationally.

Along with the psychodynamic lens, she also borrows from existential, transpersonal approaches and relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.  She encourages her clients to board upon the expedition for their authentic selves. To attain good quality of life and to deal with every day “work-life” let us join hands together.

Expertise –Mental health, life and well being, anxiety, depression,  gender, and sexuality, relationship, family therapy, and anger management.

A modern mindfulness coach is a specifically trained facilitator who creates a safe space for people to be present, contemplate, and connect with themselves and others. They do so to teach the skill of paying attention to present-moment events without passing judgement on thoughts, feelings, or sensations. A mindfulness teacher equips students with the skills they need to make the world a safer place for themselves. The goal of a mindfulness instructor is to provide students with tools that help them be more present and reflect on themselves. Character development, self-study, physical wellness, and insight are all goals.

A mindfulness teacher’s role is not to fix people’s problems, coach, consult, or minister. It is also not their responsibility to offer medical advice or conduct psychotherapy… however, many qualified psychologists, counsellors, therapists and life coaches also practice mindfulness meditation, giving them wider expertise to help their clients with issues like Lower Income, Debt Management, Retirement planning, Unmanaged Expenses, Career Planning Book an appointment.

Lack Of Growth, Low Self Confidence, Lack Of Motivation, Fear Of Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Low Performance

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