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Online Past Life Regression Therapy By Certified PLR Therapists To Overcome Blockages In Life | 100% Safe

Online Past Life Regression Therapy By Certified PLR Therapists To Overcome Blockages In Life | 100% Safe

Online Past Life Regression Therapy By Certified PLR Therapists- Holistic Living

Online Past Life Regression Therapy is an effective alternative healing modality that can help unlock trauma, treat unexplainable diseases, and clear emotional turmoil and negative energies attached to the past. 

At times, the events of our current lives are influenced by our past. For instance, one of our clients who had taken online past life regression therapy found out that her breast cancer was the result of suppressed sadness and pain in one of her past lives. Clearing the stuck emotions aided her recovery journey and improved her health. 

Experiencing repeated patterns such as toxic relationships, blockages or failures, chronic illnesses, unexplainable setbacks and delays, or intense emotional turmoil is often a sign of unresolved past conflicts or karmic debt that needs to be cleared.

Arjun is a client at Holistic Living. He had come for online past life regression therapy in September 2022. His major concern was relationships and love. He was 36 years old and in all these years he could never find stability or happiness in his intimate relationships. 

For some or other reason, he would start feeling suffocated in his relationships and would end up breaking with them in less than 6 months. He even went for therapy to understand how he can improve himself so that he can stop attracting such relationships. It was helpful but did not change his relationship situation. 

“Sometimes it felt that I was controlled by another person. I know it sounds strange but I felt pushed or forced to sabotage a perfectly good relationship. I have been in 5 relationships, and all of them have followed the same pattern. I was exhausted and felt hopeless”

Seeing Arjun’s hopelessness, his friend who is also an aspiring healer told him to opt for an alternative solution. She explained to him about past life regression therapy and how it can help him to understand why these things are happening to him and how he can protect himself or overcome the blockages. 

Arjun connected with the expert counsellor at Holistic Living to clear his doubts about online past life regression therapy. 

“I did not want to waste away my time and money. Hence, I wanted to be sure that online past life regression works and it is safe. The counsellor answered all my questions patiently and I could sense the expertise from the response I was getting. I decided to go ahead and booked a session for online past life regression therapy the very next day”

In online past life regression therapy, the PLR therapist used breathwork and relaxation techniques to help the individual reach a deep sleep state. This is a highly focused state that allows individuals to access past events embedded in their subconscious mind. 

The PLR therapist guides the individual to see key events, relationships and memories that hold relevance to their current life issues. 

Arjun regressed to one of his previous lives where he was born in the era of kings and queens. He used to work as an assistant to the royal cook and was merely 25 years old. Arjun was a remarkably good-looking man known by the name of Shekhar. He was admired by many but the one person whose attention he had grabbed was the queen. 

However, Shekhar (present life Arjun) paid no heed to his royal admirer. He was only concerned with his work and his wages. He was a sincere man who did not want any royal drama in his life. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. The queen was determined to win Shekhar’s attention at all costs, and since she was the queen it was not too difficult for her. 

She lured Shekhar into her room and tried to seduce him. When he tried to escape, she tore off a piece of her saree and threatened him that she would press charges if he did not abide by her command. In those times. Charges meant lifetime imprisonment or even death. Shekhar had an old mother and younger brother to look after. He knew that if he ended up in prison, they will be left to beg on the streets. 

Poor Shekhar became the puppet in the hands of the queen who with each passing day fell more and more in love with him. Years passed by, and Shekhar could no longer tolerate the queen’s abuse. He decided to steal some of the royal jewels and run away from the palace with his mother and brother. 

Shekhar succeeded in his plan. He fled from the town and settled in a place where the queen could never find him. The queen was forced to give up her hunt since people started to get suspicious. She was left heartbroken, angered and rejected. Out of her spite, she cursed Shekhar that he will never be able to find love in this life or in any other lifetime. 

All her life she spent pining for Shekhar, and at the same time despising him till her last breath

The curse followed Arjun to his present life, and the energies of the past love were still attached to him. These sessions of online past life regression therapy helped Arjun to understand the reason behind his history of failed relationships. 

The PLR therapist then guided Arjun to find forgiveness and release the past karma. The therapist also helped Arjun to clear past negative energies that were attached to him and were creating troubles in his relationships. 

“Online past life regression therapy was a profound experience. It is something I cannot describe it in words. After the therapy, I could feel positive changes within me. I felt lighter like some burden was lifted from my heart. I haven’t been in any relationship yet but now I feel more confident and emotionally stable” says Arjun. 

Online past life regression changed Arjun’s course of life. It gave him the chance to create peaceful and happy relationships and experience the amazing emotion of love. It is surreal how resolving the past karma can automatically change your present life and even heal your future generations. 

Do you want to know more about Online Past Life Regression Therapy? At Holistic Living, we are offering 10-minute Free consultation with expert counsellors who will help you to navigate your concerns and find the best course of action. Call or WhatsApp Today!

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