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Consult Online Qualified Relationship Counsellors To Resolve Your Issues and Reconnect With Your Partner | No.1 Best Therapy Service

Consult Online Qualified Relationship Counsellors To Resolve Your Issues and Reconnect With Your Partner | No.1 Best Therapy Service

Online Qualified Relationship Counsellor- Holistic Living

Do you Ryan take Amelia to be my wife lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law, and this is your solemn vow.

Do I?

Marriage is a sacred commitment in most cultures. It is the ever-binding contract that should be fulfilled even when all the odds are against you. When you enter into a marriage, you are taking on the responsibility of another person, and that responsibility needs to be taken seriously. 

When Amelia and I started having problems our first thought was, ‘Should we get a divorce?’. That is the mentality of the young generation now, and we were not spared from the millennial influence, so our first instinct was to simply break it off. 

Fortunately, at times, we have our elders who can talk some sense into our heads. When I discussed this with my mother she gave me a smack on my head and asked me how was it so easy to end a5-year-long relationship. 

Mind you, my family in no way encourages a toxic or unhealthy marriage. If the relationship is damaged beyond repair then ending it is probably the best decision. However, we are also not a family of quitters and although divorce is not a taboo, it is still not something that is easily acceptable. 

Amelia and I sat down and had the longest discussion of our lives. We agreed to be apart from each other for a week to clear our heads and then come back to make the final decision.

The first two days were peaceful. I felt like the king of my own life. Nobody to nag me constantly, or pick up unnecessary fights. But when the intoxication of freedom wore off I started feeling incredibly lonely. I honestly missed what Amelia and I shared with each other. 

We both realised that maybe the separation was not the best answer to our problems. That is when we decided to consult a qualified relationship counsellor to get a more objective and realistic solution to our issues. 

Amelia and Ryan’s marriage is an ordinary marriage. A couple who fights, argues and gets on each other’s nerves, but also two people who love each other and have made the conscious choice of commitment. 

When a relationship is plagued by constant fights and arguments it is natural to feel resentment, disappointment or anger towards your partner. These emotions often cloud our judgement and put us in a negative state of mind. Before jumping on to any irreversible conclusion, it is best to take a step back and evaluate the situation. 

Can we work it out?

“Many couples come for counselling as the last resort. Somewhere they have already made up their mind that their relationship is doomed. It takes a few sessions to break that mindset and encourage the couple to be more open-minded and receptive” says a qualified relationship counsellor at Holistic Living.

This was true in the case of Amelia and Ryan. When they visited Holistic Living to talk to the qualified relationship counsellor, it was clear that they both had spent a lot of time contemplating the decision to divorce. The initial sessions of the relationship counselling were more like a wrestling match where both individuals threw their best shot at each other. 

“In the beginning, I choose to listen. I have no idea about their struggles so it is better to take in their perspectives and observe their body language, expressions and personality traits. This helps in getting a more in-depth and holistic view of the situation” shares the qualified relationship counsellor.

After a few sessions, the qualified relationship counsellor switched roles. She asked Amelia to be Ryan, and Ryan to be Amelia. The role play technique is often used in the process of counselling to help couples develop empathy towards each other. It also helps couples to understand their partner’s expectations.

Consult Qualified Relationship Counsellor Today

It was an eye-opening experience for Ryan and Amelia. They both realized their own toxic traits and how that was negatively affecting the relationship. 

Now, after self-awareness comes the part where both partners work to improve their communication and understanding as well as problem-solving skills. The qualified relationship counsellor provides effective guidance and resources to help the partners resolve their issues. 

“Amelia and I had buried all our issues. Somewhere in all these years, we forgot to openly communicate with each other and be there for each other. We were just two people living together and tending to our parental duties. A lot of it was my fault too which honestly I would have never accepted if it was not for relationship counselling. 

I had neglected her and did not take the efforts I once used to take. Since, she never communicated that to me, and would just start acting passive-aggressive I became wearier of her. But ever since relationship counselling, things have become better between us. I have become a better husband for her and we both are enjoying that!” laughs Ryan.

Consult Qualified Relationship Counsellor Today

There are many reasons why a relationship fizzles out. The most apparent reason is the lack of effort. To build a business, only starting it is not important. You need to put in consistent hard work to be successful in your business venture. 

Similarly, to build a happy marriage both partners need to go the extra mile. Consistency and commitment are the two pillars of a successful marriage. One cannot expect a successful marriage without doing any work. 

Amelia and Ryan had become passive about the relationship. They no longer prioritised each other or shared meaningful conversations. The passiveness had slowly killed their romance and the spark they once shared.

The qualified relationship counsellor helped them to become aware of their underlying issues and how they can work on resolving them together. 

Today, they are glad that they had given their marriage a second chance instead of packing up their bags and leaving. Of course, it took time, a whole lot of hard work and even improving their individual selves but it was worth it because, in the end, they got a friendship and love that they can cherish for a lifetime. 

Marriage is a promise of a lifetime. A happy marriage is perhaps the most blissful feeling. It is sharing good and bad times with someone who will hold your hand no matter what. It is having a friend who is there with you in all your ups and downs. 

Of course, there will be disagreements, rough patches, boredom and even resentment but what truly counts is how you and your partner choose to deal with the issues. 

Talking to a qualified relationship counsellor can help you and your partner to develop better communication, and understanding and resolve the problems together. It can give you a broader perspective and help you take a wise decision. 

Where there is hope, there is love. So, if you believe there is hope for your marriage to work out then talk to a qualified relationship counsellor today (via Call/WhatsApp) and give your relationship a fair chance.

Talk to expert marriage counsellor @ Holistic Living, Chembur, Mumbai, India, Dubai and London. Call/WhatsApp 9321447981 to book online marriage counselling and start building a peaceful and happy marriage. 

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