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Numerology Has Shocking Influence On Your Life!!

Numerology Has Shocking Influence On Your Life!!

Numerology is the science that can weave miracles. It can clear the unwanted blockages in your life, and guide you towards your rightful path which guarantees a much higher chance of success. The editor of Holistic Living had the opportunity to have an insightful conversation with Ms. Ginni Aneja, an incredibly passionate Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader.

Eyes that showcased the vast depth and a welcoming aura, Ms.Ginni Aneja seemed all set to astonish me  with her extensive expertise in Numerology, and Energy readings. The calmness and confidence in her voice quickly put me at ease, and I looked forward to learning more about Numerology and how the right guidance can be life-defining.

Expert Numerology Ms Ginni Aneja

So, Ms. Ginni could you tell me a bit about yourself…

I’m a single mother of 54 with 2 grown-up sons. I have been in the field of numerology for more than 10 years and I do it as a passion and put my heart and soul into it. I have always enjoyed reading people’s energies, and it just comes naturally to me.

It is satisfying when I look back and realize that people have appreciated and liked my work and it has helped them to prosper.

What is your expertise? What areas do you focus on? 

I focus on Numerology, Tarot card reading, and Oracle reading.

How long have you been working in this profession?

I have been working since 2010. I have regular clients internationally and all over the country. I have grown with my clients, they have taught me a lot, counselling them, guiding them has taught me a lot about life as well.

What inspired you to pursue Numerology?

My son has been my biggest inspiration. He is a child with special needs and as a concerned mother, I wanted to understand the issues that he faces on a daily basis and what I can do to help him. Moreover, I have always been a very analytical person and love to know a person in depth. The undying curiosity to understand people better is what led me to my path.

What difference does numerology make in someone’s life?

Numerology is helpful in understanding the presence of negative and positive energies in your life as well as favorable and unfavorable times periods. It helps to enhance the positive and subdue the negative so you can attract fruitful opportunities and taste success in all areas of life.

In what situations should someone approach you?

It is not always about the presence of bad things, but also about the lack of good things in life. If you want to create successful opportunities in your life, or even prevent yourself from facing difficult situations, then I can be of great help.

I also work on giving my clients’ the much-needed clarity and guidance on making the right career choice, resolving issues at work, and in relationships.

How effective is numerology in living a successful life?

Numerology is strongly effective as it gives you valuable insight into what is going wrong in your life, and how you can make it right. I truly believe that being aware of what is not working for you can set you on the path that actually works for you. Numerology has been the key to success for a lot of my clients and it is amazing to see the positive changes in their lives.


Could you share some tips to live a more fulfilling life?

Recognize your passion and follow it fearlessly.

You can never make others happy if you’re not happy so fill your bank balance with abundant joy & peace.

Stay away from people that bring stress, anxiety, and disrupt your peace of mind.

Please share a personal experience where you guided your client to bring about a significant change with your sessions.

Oh, there are many!

I have had clients who approached me when they were struggling with unemployment. They got jobs in a matter of few weeks, and are actually living a happy and successful life.

A man who recently had a divorce was facing difficulties with his ex-wife who was not letting him meet their daughter. He was worried that he would lose his daughter. I understood his situation and, after a healing session, he started seeing positive changes and has now developed a good connection with his daughter.

Then, there was a couple who were newly married. They had a love affair for many years but were now experiencing a lack of passion in their marital relationship. They hardly shared any physical intimacy and doubted each other on having extramarital affairs. With regular guidance by me, they were able to solve their issues, and they are now happy and well settled.

What is your take on online coaching in comparison with offline?

Online Numerology Consulting is definitely convenient, effective and much easier because people can be comfortable in their homes and saves travel time. What’s better is that it makes it easy and less expensive for both parties involved saves travel money.

Any myths or stereotypes about numerology that you want to address?

Numerology covers a lot more than just changing your name. In fact, there is a popular belief that changing a name can change your destiny which is not true. It does not work that way. It only helps you attract better opportunities, and how you use those opportunities then depends on you.

What is your one message to your audience?

Focus on GUIDANCE, not predictions. Predictions can be changed through your actions. And, in life when you find yourself feeling confused, lost, or stuck then I am always there to provide you with the necessary guidance to resolve your issues.

Connect with Ms. Ginni Aneja, Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader.

Editor’s Note: For someone who used to be skeptical about Numerology, this wonderful conversation with Ms. Ginni Aneja left me more intrigued and curious to unlock the vast benefits of Numerology. Her passion for her work and her strong intentions to improve her clients’ lives could be sense clearly in the way she talked about her experiences. Numerology is truly an effective tool for understanding and improving your life in the best of ways.

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