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Image Consulting Is For Everyone, Not Just For Celebs!

Image Consulting Is For Everyone, Not Just For Celebs!

The right image consulting will help you climb the success ladder, and make your social presence stronger than ever. The editor of Holistic Living had the opportunity to have an engaging conversation with Ms. Bia Sandhu Taneja, a renowned Image Consultant.

Bia Sandhu award winning Image Consultant
Ms Bia Sandhu flashing her million dollar smile

I could feel the inspiring presence of Bia, even through my laptop’s screen. Her sophistication and mannerisms were a perfect demonstration of the marvelous impact of Image Consulting. She is certainly leading by example, and I felt excited to learn more about Image Consulting and, her useful tips on improving your life and making a powerful impression on others.

So, Ms. Bia could you tell me a bit about yourself.. 

I am Bia, the founder of Image Consulting Parfait. I am a people’s person who loves to bring positive changes in people’s life through Image Consulting. More importantly, I am a doting mother of two beautiful children, and married to a loving husband for 15 years. I love to explore the world through travel and sip on red wine. I am a total family person, and I adore my loved ones.

What is your expertise? What areas do you focus on?

I am passionate about empowering people to identify their own unlimited potential such that they bring a positive impact in both their personal and professional lives through Image Consulting, Pageant Coaching & Personal Branding. I impart the knowledge of “Right Etiquette” which I feel is imperative in all social situations today.

How long have you been working as an image consultant?

I have been in this industry since 2015. I was the first Image Consultant in India to become the Official Grooming Partner for an international beauty pageant. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and I find it rewarding.

A quite humble response for someone who boasts an extensive work experience and credentials in her name. She is an award-winning International Beauty Pageant Coach, Image and Styling Consultant, and Etiquette & Grooming Expert. She has groomed and mentored many aspiring beauty pageant queens for Femina Mrs. Stylista, and, Savvy Mrs. India.  

What inspired you to become an image consultant?

I have always had a flair for fashion and everything related to fashion. With over two decades of experience in the customer service industry and coming from a family of cavaliers (army), I had exposure to luxury, and travel at a very early age.

I decided to amalgamate all my experience by training and grooming people on the same and being a people’s person only added to my advantage. I understand the powerful impact of Image Consulting, and the rush I feel when I see my client’s climb the ladder of success is what makes me jump out of my bed every morning.

What difference does Image Consulting make in someone’s life?

Image Consulting can make a huge difference in anyone’s life. Your physical presence, the way you carry yourself creates a strong impression on others, and ignites a sense of confidence within you.

I work with clients on a one-on-one level and in groups to assess and align their current personal and professional image with their desired image. I build my client’s appearance, behavior, communication & interpersonal skills, etiquette helping them with holistic growth.

In what situations should someone approach you?

Anyone who aims to upgrade or redesign their personal or professional goals, they can always approach me. I help them capitalize on current fashion, style, and social trends and assist them in enhancing their appearance and behavior through image consulting.

I feel anyone who wants to gain the power to control the way other’s perceive them and create an influential impression wherever they go, can approach me for Image Consulting.

How effective is Image Consulting in living a successful life?

Whether you like it or not, people judge you based on your physical presence and appearance. If you want to achieve success in your personal and professional then Image consulting is the perfect way to do it.

Image Consulting is highly effective as it offers personalized solutions through scientific methods and tools which directly lead to the enhancement of the client’s image.

Could you share some tips on how to create a lasting impression on others?

Your appearance is the foundation for an everlasting impression. You don’t get a second chance to make a first good impression. People form Impressions about you in the first 7 seconds so make the most of it.

Dress well, maintain a positive attitude, good behavior, command over the language you speak in, confident body language, perfect etiquette, and that big million-dollar smile will make you win a million hearts.

Please share a personal experience where you guided your client to bring about a significant change with your consulting.

I had a small-town girl who came to me many years ago for a makeover. She had no idea about clothes, styling, makeup. She had been body-shamed all her life by her family members. I worked relentlessly on her confidence first and then on her appearance and today she is a well-known person in the fashion industry who went ahead and won pageants and awards and is on magazine covers.

What is your take on online consulting in comparison with offline?

Online Consulting is as effective as offline, and the best part is that my clients can reach out to me from any part of the world. Online Image Consulting works efficiently for Corporate trainings and soft skills training as well.

Are there any myths or stereotypes about image consulting that you want to address?

Many believe Image Consulting is only for celebrities, the rich, and the famous. The truth is that it is for any individual who seeks to create a positive image in terms of grooming, communication, body language, soft skills.

What is your one message to your audience?

Always work on yourself and strive to become a better person today than you were yesterday. However, don’t forget to love yourself every day and always keep your million-dollar smile on!

Connect with Ms. Bia Sandhu Taneja, a renowned Image Consultant.


Holistic Living Editor’s Note – After this wonderful conversation with Ms. Bia, I definitely had a million-dollar smile on my face. I learned that her expertise reaches overseas as well. She has been the National Director for many international pageants in Italy, the UK, the USA, and southeast Asia. However, the best thing I understood is that her expertise of Image Consulting can be availed by anyone and everyone who want to improve their lives, whether you are already a celebrity or someone who wants to up their regular lifestyle.


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