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My NLP Practitioner Helped Me to Attain My Goal- Sharing My Life Experiences

My NLP Practitioner Helped Me to Attain My Goal- Sharing My Life Experiences

Focus like a laser beam on your goal! With the help of an NLP Practitioner. Go through this article now!

You must be wondering what does NLP means and who is an NLP Practitioner. So here I am to share my experience with all of you and tell you about NLP. So NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it is a psychological approach that uses strategies to analyze which are used by successful people to attain their personal goals in life.


An NLP Practitioner is like a  life coach who helps the person to attain the goals. NLP believes that every individual has their map of reality. That means every individual has a desire, a vision to achieve something in his/her life. To reach the goal to achieve success. That is what can be done with the help of NLP.


An NLP Practitioner understands the person’s perception about the world and his/her perspective of life and they help to map out the person through their various behavior, activities, and thoughts. Here I am to share my life experience with you and this can’t be achieved if my life coach has not helped me.


  1. Helped to Gain Confidence: My NLP Practitioner helped me to gain confidence in myself. Earlier I used to be afraid and I didn’t have confidence in myself to do something. Even if I did I wouldn’t get the courage to do it in front of other people. Whether I have to express my feeling on stage or on paper I was lacking behind. Then he showed me the way and helped me to boost up my confidence. He taught me what tactics you should use when you are speaking on a stage or trying to express your feelings.

  1. Changed my Perspective: He has completely changed my way of thinking and I know which strategy is to be used. I find myself completely at peace. I have changed and improved both as a listener and observer. Earlier I used to panic but using NLP as a tool has groomed my internal and external behavior.
  2. Assisted in my Music Career: Another instance when my NLP Practitioner helped me to achieve my goal. I was very much worried about my career. What should I do? How should I move forward to make progress in my career? I had a passion for music. I know that but I couldn’t accept the fact that if ever I would be able to make a career in music. I was very doubtful. It was like darkness was overshadowing me and I was in a state of no satisfaction.
  3. Achieved my Goal: Like a silver lining came NLP Practitioner who helped me realize my true potential. He helped me believe in the fact that I can do it with a strong sense of faith and belief in me. I joined NLP training sessions and got to know about the tools. Then I thought of testing it in my music career. I was very nervous that will it work? Yes, it worked!!!!
  4. Found my inner ‘self’: I found the ‘real me’. I discovered my capabilities and explored my outstanding potential. Then I shot my music video. Earlier where I used to get 500 views and likes in my video. The break-through happened within a week. With the guidance of my NLP Practitioner, I topped the charts and the likes and views in my videos skyrocketed. It was 5 million views!!!!. Since then I have never stopped. Now I know the way and my career is soaring high up in the sky. I am grateful to my NLP Practitioner who believed in me and showed me the right path.


Eventually, I began attending the NLP sessions. With time I am becoming better and better day by day. It is honing my skills. I am becoming a much calmer, clearer, and focused person.  I changed my mind-set by associating myself with focussing more on my goal rather than the problems. I believe that the mind is a treasure box to keep love, happiness, and sweet memories. I learned that every problem has a solution and the solution can be found within self, the connection that NLP shared with me gave me a new exciting feeling that anything is possible.


I have learned so much from the whole experience and it is amazing. If you also want to achieve it then focus on your goals. Try to gain mastery and perfection over it. I bet you will be the most happier and successful person in the world.


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