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In Conversation with #1 Top Mindfulness Coach Mr. Sandeep Nath

In Conversation with #1 Top Mindfulness Coach Mr. Sandeep Nath

In Conversation with Mr. Sandeep Nath – Inner Power and Mindfulness Coach.


Q. You are associated with us as an Inner Power, Energy & Mindfulness Coach but your track record is of entrepreneurship, and you got your education at India’s most prestigious Institutes. What made you change tracks from the corporate world?

That’s a great observation and thanks for making it. Let me take you back almost 20 years when I was running a successful consulting company in Hyderabad. We were into internal and external culture building and communications, working with some large BPOs which had just entered India. The work my clients were doing started disturbing me. I found really sharp 20-year-olds working against the bio-rhythm, thinking that their major purpose in life was to solve petty insurance and credit card problems, which – to my mind – should not have arisen in the first place. And I said to myself, if these hundreds of thousands of kids are representative of the future of this generation, something is wrong with human consciousness. And so, I sought answers about purpose and consciousness from Vedic masters – many of whom are in South India. And I was lucky to learn from the best of them.

This pursuit led me to handing my company over to my other directors and heading to the Tibetan monasteries in Sikkim to learn about our energy and what makes us all tick. And over the years I was blessed to learn from Chinese and Japanese masters as well, all of which helped me understand a fundamental truth: Our inner power can change our outer reality and that is determined by how we use the energy inside us. To take this wisdom to the world became my mission. And I am thrilled to be associated with you guys who are dedicated to help people realize their potential.

Q. What is your area of expertise and what kind of services do you offer as a Mindfulness Coach?

My area of expertise is Energy Work. This is called Qi-gong in Mandarin, where Qi is life force energy. It is called Ki in Japanese and Prana in Sanskrit, which are the basis of Reiki, Pranayam, and Pranic Healing. However, Qi sits at the root of body-mind-spirit alignment, which manifests in health, happiness, and harmony. So, in easy-to-understand terms, my expertise lies in making people become stress-free forever, habitually happy, and at peace with themselves and the world.

In terms of services, I offer consultations on any of these issues, like stress, happiness, unlocking potential, achieving calm, and physical or emotional healing. I am a great believer of teaching people to do it themselves, so I offer workshops for learning Qigong, Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation in movement, Becoming Stress-free. And I offer personal and group coaching over few months to guide people to realignment and renewal.

Q. How long have you been practicing? What inspired you to become a Mindfulness Coach?

You could say I have been practicing since about 15 years – and more so over the last decade, after I learned deep spiritual practices from Tibetan Buddhism. The merits of mindfulness are being recognized by the corporate world today, but it was in fact the Buddha who laid out a 16-step path to mindfulness 2500 years ago. I work with my students on that and it is truly transformational.

Mindfulness is a basic way of life which amplifies every other interaction we have within and outside of ourselves. This is why the Buddha emphasized the most on this. And you will probably now join the dots, when you can amplify a weak signal of your inner power, you can make it a strong signal and achieve a lot more. Change your outer reality, as I mentioned.

Q. What methods do you use with your clients to help them avoid having negative feelings?

That’s a great question. Think about it. What are feelings? They are vibes. Vibrations. And vibrations go up and down in the graphs like an ECG. The up is not good and the down is not bad. It just is. So positive and negative feelings are also just like that. They simply are.

We make those feelings a problem by attaching judgments to them. And feelings like shame, guilt, fear, anger, and grief tend to pull us down, whereas courage, acceptance, love, joy, and compassion pull us up. By cultivating trigger habits that can change our vibration, we change our energy state. So, it is not about avoiding the feelings, it is more about acknowledging the feelings and switching them around. We stop fighting with them and befriend them mindfully instead. And they will change energetically… because peace can’t come from a fight… that is a contradiction!

Q. Please share an anecdote where you, as a Mindfulness Coach made your client bring about a significant change with your session.

To answer your question, I will reference a small 30-minute consulting session on Habits4Happiness. This is typically conducted after a complimentary 1-hour session during which I speak about the pivotal role of habits in our lives and share 12 habits for getting into the happy state anytime. Now my client had heard all that and was disturbed that her happiness was being challenged by her husband who never took her seriously. She said that I only spoke about her habits, but the person who needed to change was her husband.

I asked her only 3 questions. First, whether she had an idea about the game of chess. She replied, yes. Second, whether chess players move their own pieces or the opponent’s pieces. She said the obvious. And third, I asked if the person who wins at chess thinks only their moves but anticipates the other’s moves too. She confirmed that the winner thinks for both sides. Then I said, how about you check out all 12 habits one by one over the coming week and anticipate your husband’s response, and see if it matches what you expect. She called me back the very next day. She said that her husband never expected her to Acknowledge (which is a habit) that he meant support and security to her and he almost broke down when she told him that. This opened a new channel of communication between them and she felt like it was a breakthrough!

Q. How effective do you find online sessions? Do you experience any challenges while conducting these sessions/workshops?

I think online sessions are a true blessing. They allow people from all over the world to assemble together and learn new techniques, skills, and habits. There has never been an issue imparting knowledge and practices online and I have been doing this since 4 years – well before the pandemic!

Q. What is Qigong Healing and how does it benefit us?

Qigong healing is a method of using divine energy for healing our life force. We make a connection with universal energy and it helps us dissolve the contaminations that cause energy blocks within us – which cause disease (not being at ease; dis-ease). I call this the 3D method of energy healing – which is to Dissolve and Discharge into Divinity. Since 4000 years mankind has known this to be powerful and effective; especially a lot more than the 3C method of modern medicine – which is to Cut or Counter with Chemicals.

I strongly recommend people learn Qigong practices to stay connected with universal energy. They may never have to visit a doctor again, if they follow the practices and habits of ancient wisdom. Learning Qigong is not to heal others, but it is for oneself. To self-regulate health naturally, and become one with love, peace, and harmony. I love it when families and teams practice together. Builds great relationships too!



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