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In Conversation with #1 Expert Clinical Hypnotherapist Ms. Varshaa Panjabi

In Conversation with #1 Expert Clinical Hypnotherapist Ms. Varshaa Panjabi

In Conversation with Ms. Varshaa Panjabi – Clinical Hypnotherapist & Emotional Wellness Coach

Q. Who is Varshaa Panjabi?

Varshaa C. Panjabi, living in HK for over 4 decades, has been practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and alternative healer. She employs a very holistic approach to healing. She believes that emotional health & a healthy nutritious diet is a gateway to physical health. She see clients of all ages all over the globe through remote video sessions and in person in her office in Hong Kong.

Q. What kind of services do you offer as a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

I deal with all sorts of emotional issues, physical aches and pains and relationship issues. I use Hypnotherapy and many other alternative healing modalities like Past Life Regression Therapy, Core Somatic Integration Therapy, Emotional Empowerment Therapy, Crystal Healing,
Chakra balancing and Yoga.

Q. How long have you been practicing? What inspired you to become an emotional health coach?

I have been in private practice of Hypnotherapy since last 5 years. I was suffering from OCD of Symmetry. I was obsessed with Symmetry. I would feel very uncomfortable if I saw a photo frame hanging on the wall that was a little crooked even if it was in anyone else’s house or a
public place I would have this intense urge to go and fix it. I had many other emotional issue that were causing a havoc my physical health.
In 2012 I attended a Hypnotherapy workshop and in that workshop I was a demo in the class and the facilitator worked on my OCD. He mapped the issue down to my childhood and I was fascinated with the discovery so I decided to learn this healing modality. When I started studying this very unique science of accessing the subconscious mind where all our habit patterns, behaviors, conditioning and programming is stored. I was more and more amazed at the mind’s capacity to heal itself of the suppressed emotions.

Q. How does Hypnosis feel and what happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

Hypnosis is a very natural state of heightened awareness that we all access every day and night without being aware of it. The first half hour of our day when we feel groggy as soon as we wake up or last half hour when we are about to sleep we are in a similar state of hypnosis.
When a client comes with an issue at first I take a very detail intake of what’s going on in their life and that’s where I get my cues as to what needs to be addressed.

Q. Please share an anecdote where you made your client bring about a significant change with your session.

I have conducted over 750 sessions till date and every one of them is unique. I have had cases of insomnia, anxiety disorder, sports & academic performance for students, bullying, aches and pains, fears and phobias all of them with excellent results.

Q. How effective do you find online sessions? Do you experience any challenges in your work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Online sessions are as good as in person. No challenges at all. Healing comes from the Universe I am simply a guide, a facilitator, to facilitate the process of healing. I am very passionate about my work. I think my intention to help people get over their emotional baggage and heal themselves is the key to my success.

To book a consultation with Ms. Varshaa Panjabi, visit The Holistic Living Community Wellness Platform.

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