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Karwachauth Story: Why it should be celebrated by everyone?

Karwachauth Story: Why it should be celebrated by everyone?

Karwachauth is celebrated by women all over India. It is a mark of love and belongingness for a married couple.

Although, if viewed from a traditional perspective, it is said that Queen Veeravati fasted for her husband, to bring him back to life. Lord Shiva narrated this story to Parvati and Parvati advised Draupadi to observe this fast when she was desperately trying to ease the Pandavas’ sufferings. As per some others, it is believed that a woman named Karwa observed a fast called pati-vrat and begged Yama to restore her husband’s life after he was attacked by a crocodile and died. Since then, “pati-vrat” got renamed after Karwa to karwachauth” and is celebrated as a sacrificial custom by wives for the health, happiness, and longevity of the husband. Some people still believe that women fasting on Karwachauth actually makes a difference in the husband’s overall health and longevity!

Today also, Karwachauth is still celebrated as a mark of love in a marriage. Thanks to the popular Hindi movie #DDLJ, women all over India get dolled up for the family and friends get together, worship, and rejoice on this occasion with delight and enthusiasm.

A custom of giving gifts to the daughter-in-law by the mother-in-law or by husband is very common. All the women of the family get up before dawn to eat, drink, and pray together.

Maybe this day can be considered as the day of women’s empowerment as on this day husbands are expected to pamper and shower their wives with attention and gifts. Sometimes women get a day off from household responsibilities to enjoy the day with fellow women. They get ready, apply henna, dress up in beautiful traditional attire and wear jewelry to sit for the puja, before and after celebrations with friends and then desperately wait for moonrise to break their fast.

However, this happens only once a year, only on the day of Karwachauth, which is sacrificial in nature. Of course, going through this physical discomfort for a custom deserves being rewarded and so everyone is nice to them for this one day. But do we really need a whole festival to thank women for what they do for the family? Shouldn’t every day be the same, where we acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice and be appreciative of what women silently do for their families?

While most of us teach our daughters and daughters-in-law to “adjust” or compromise, if necessary, be selfless and devoted, it’s also important for our sons/ handsome dudes to reciprocate the same?

The whole psyche behind making women the only ones responsible for the health and wellbeing of men in the family can also be shifted by grooming young boys on how to behave and respect women and they should also be shown how to “adjust” or at least acknowledge women’s efforts by modeling respectful and appreciative behavior for the women in the family.

Maybe then, we will achieve social freedom in the real sense!

Not trying to call the festival sexist or patriarchal but through the concept of this beautiful tradition, trying to highlight the man’s equal responsibility towards marriage and family too. Devotion and sacrifice are necessary but worthy only if it is done by both the partners in a relationship.

On this karwachauth, it is the time to make self-commitment to give our sons and daughters a similar upbringing, values, and opportunities, groom our boys to treat their women in life with love, care, respect, and end the cycle of sacrifices only one gender in the society must make.  Want to Talk to the Author……………….

Hey, it’s my time to buy gifts for the family! How about you?

Healthy comments, opinions, perspectives are all welcome!!

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