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Best Online Inner Child Healing In Mumbai, India

Best Online Inner Child Healing In Mumbai, India

This article talks about the real-life experience of online inner child healing @ Holistic Living Mumbai by Sakshi.

Sakshi, a resident of Mumbai City is in her mid-30s and works as a chief executive officer for a clothing brand. On one hand, her career is a booming success and on the other, her relationship was a complete failure.

She suffered from self-doubts and bouts of anxiety in her relationships. She had a knack for attracting narcissistic partners and found herself stuck in the same cycle of toxicity.

Sakshi could not comprehend how she ended up in the same miserable situation every time she dated somebody. She desperately needed answers to her persistent relationship problems.

She contacted Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, an experienced Holistic Therapist with a specialization in Hypnotherapy, Healing, Past Life Regression, and Couples Therapy.

Sakshi instantly connected with Mr. Mittal. She experienced a deep sense of calmness and understanding in his presence. She could easily open up about her ongoing love struggles.

Many of Sakshi’s present issues were rooted in her childhood experiences. Her father played a negligible role in her life. Although he fulfilled every materialistic need, he was never available at an emotional level for Sakshi.

As a result, she always found herself yearning for her father’s love and affection. She worked relentlessly for her father’s validation but only received a cold shoulder in return. Gradually Sakshi stopped trying to win her father’s love and internalized the belief that she was not worthy of it.

This belief was now rooted in her mindset and eventually impacted her thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. She suffered from low self-esteem, always nitpicked her flaws, and felt inferior in every type of relationship.

In the context of romantic relationships, she attracted men similar to her father. They were emotionally unavailable, inconsiderate of Sakshi’s needs, and selfish in behavior. She found herself chasing them, begging them for the bare minimum.

After listening intently to Sakshi’s life experiences, Mr. Mittal could sense deep wounds to her inner child. He suggested online inner child healing as it would immensely help Sakshi to let go of the pain she felt as a child and develop strong boundaries as well as self-esteem.

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Signs of wounded inner child

A lack of fatherly love had left a deep void within her. Dating men who shared similar characteristics as her father was Sakshi’s subconscious way of filling that void. She desperately wanted to change the narrative. She wanted to prove that she was worthy of love too.

In online inner child healing, Mr. Mittal helped Sakshi confront the rigid beliefs she had internalized when she was a child. In online inner child healing, Sakshi found the strength and courage to release her past wounds and fill the void with self-love.

Online inner child healing @ Holistic Living, Mumbai also helped Sakshi build her broken confidence and raise her spiritual vibration. As she transcended at a soul level, she naturally found herself aligning with people who reciprocated her efforts and love.

“Online inner child healing taught me how to stay calm and let things come to me. My pursuit of love was like a stubborn little child demanding for her favorite candy! Once I stopped chasing the wrong ones, I started attracting the right ones” smiles Sakshi.

After completing online inner child healing, Sakshi experienced profound joy and positivity toward life. She no longer viewed herself as a wounded child who could not even win her father’s love but as a brave woman who found the inner power to let go of her past and redefine her future.

Online Inner Child Healing is a wonderful process of getting in touch with your inner child. It is about releasing the traumas that subdued the joy within you and opening your heart to true happiness, love, and peace.

Online inner child healing @ Holistic Living Mumbai helps you to evolve at a soul level, and awaken the power within you. It ignites the lost spark and aligns you with the right relationships, opportunities, and self-growth.

If you want to know more about online inner child healing then Call/WhatsApp +91-9321073548 to talk to a Master Spiritual Healer today!

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