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Holistic Wellness – A Beginner’s Guide

Holistic Wellness – A Beginner’s Guide

All About Holistic Wellness and Living

Wellness encompasses more than a single meaning. It refers to the multi-dimensional sense of well-being, including seven conclusive dimensions in its implication. Each dimension, being indispensable, contributes to various life factors, remaining interdependent on one another. Attaining a balance between the seven wellness dimensions may seem quite challenging. However, the holistic approach will aid in efficiently integrating and enhancing the elements of wellness in your daily life.

Understanding holistic wellness will help you to pursue continued growth and balance in its seven constituting dimensions. You will be able to perceive the sectors where one dimension overwhelms the other, and hence, effectively tackle the predicament. The neglect of any dimension can adversely affect your physiological, psychological and spiritual health. As such, you should know what the dimensions are and what they encompass.

The Seven Dimensions of Holistic Wellness

Although many may perceive wellness in only its physical aspect, we must realise that holistic wellness incorporates seven distinct dimensions. Each of these dimensions possesses its specific role in life and are, in no way, expendable. Let us have a look at what these seven dimensions are:

  • Physical Wellness– It entails a diverse range of behavioural traits, consisting of sufficient exercise, balanced nutrition, intake of ample water and the presence of a sound sleep. These traits also encompass the tendency to abstain from or regulate the consumption of alcohol or drugs. To be physically well, you must have knowledge of potential ailments and suitable ways to overcome them. This is one of the dimensions of Holistic Wellness.
  • Emotional Wellness– This dimension relies heavily on the other ones and is subjected to frequent changes. Emotional well-being is associated with the ability to feel and express your emotions of joy, anger, satisfaction, or sense of achievement, freely.
  • Spiritual Wellness– The spiritual wellness is an assemblage of the values, morals and principles that guide the thought process. A spiritually active person possesses a greater degree of faith and commitment to their beliefs.
  • Intellectual Wellness– It encourages the inclusion of innovativeness in your daily actions and is an indication of a person’s mental well-being. Intellectually sound individuals possess an active mind, eager to gain knowledge. Furthermore, such a person is capable of expending available resources to improve their skill set. This is one of the dimensions of Holistic Wellness.

Holistic Wellness

  • Social Wellness– It is an indication of our ability to interact with other people and integrate ourselves as a functioning member of society. To be socially well, you must be able to productively expand yourself into the global community and complete the expectations that people demand. For this purpose, a socially sound individual houses the capacity to develop communication skills and a constructive interpersonal network constituting like-minded others.
  • Occupational Wellness– It involves developing vocational consummation associated with work attitude, skill development and the successful integration into the work environment. This is one of the dimensions of Holistic Wellness.
  • Environmental Wellness– It entails awareness of the consequences of your actions and the importance of maximising the harmony. It also involves active inclusion in socially responsible tasks that work towards sustainability. This is one of the dimensions of Holistic Wellness.

Holistic Ways to Maintain Your Health

Listed below are some of the natural ways to maintain your health holistically:

  • Balance your diet- To improve physical wellness, you should develop healthy habits of eating balanced meals and exercising regularly. You should also get adequate sleep and control the amount you eat. Refrain from smoking or drinking and learn to recognise disease symptoms.
  • Think positively- Cultivate a positive outlook on life and learn time management skills to overcome emotional stress. Try accepting yourself for who you are and forgive mistakes. Don’t hesitate to seek out people when you are in distress.
  • Indulge in enriching activities- Read more books, learn languages and appreciate artworks to improve your intellectual wellness. Seek out rivals who will positively challenge you.
  • Socialise with people- Get involved with diverse people, cultivate healthy relationships and try to actively contribute to society. Communicate your standpoints to become socially active.
  • Connect with your psyche- To attain a spiritual balance, spend time meditating. Gain an inquisitive nature and live every moment to its fullest. Seek growth opportunities and abide by your principles.

Holistic Wellness

  • Pursue opportunities- Create an appropriate vision for the future and explore various career options. Don’t restrict your chances and try learning new skills whenever possible.
  • Consider the significance of nature- Emphasise on practices of reuse and recycle. Don’t litter, conserve water and lower chemical usage.

The balance, between the seven dimensions of holistic wellness, results in a satisfying life. The success of the complex integration of the dimensions determines the quality of life that one would gain. I advise not to focus on a single aspect like the body or mind but instead take the whole picture into consideration when approaching a holistic lifestyle.

The benefits of living holistically are innumerable. Regardless of age, all individuals are sure to experience positive changes in such a lifestyle whenever they incorporate it. The experts at The Holistic Living platform will aid you in your endeavour to adopt a holistic lifestyle and also help you to guide for holistic wellness. Reserve a coaching session, check out the wellness store that houses numerous products that aid in holistic living or do some self-learning for the purpose.



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