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Manage ADHD In Your Child Before It Is Too Late With This Evidence-Based Effective Therapy at Holistic Living

Manage ADHD In Your Child Before It Is Too Late With This Evidence-Based Effective Therapy at Holistic Living

Manage ADHD- Child Counselling at Holistic Living.

Dhruv is a 9-year-old boy. He is an extremely energetic kid who cannot sit still even for a single minute. These constant bouts of energy have landed Dhruv in a lot of trouble including 6 stitches on his chin. 

At school, his teachers have a tough time explaining to Dhruv why he cannot leave the class in every 15 minutes to run in the corridor. They finally get exhausted and give in to Dhruv’s demands but not without sending a long complaint to his mother. 

Jiya is a 12-year-old girl. She had been a hyperactive child since infancy. She wanted to crawl everywhere, climb everything, and in the blink of an eye, she would be at the other end of the house. Her mother is not exaggerating when she says that she literally broke her back running behind her and scooping her up.

As Jiya started getting older, her hyperactivity only increased. She gets easily distracted and her focus is as short as her cute little bob cut. She has shifted multiple schools because she would never complete her homework or got too stubborn to write the class tests. 

Mayank is a 16-year-old boy. He exhibits signs of impulsivity and low frustration tolerance. It is difficult to maintain a conversation with him because he always gets too excited and has a compulsive need to interrupt (even his own conversations).

Mayank’s parents were extremely worried that their boy would fall into the wrong company or engage in rash and impulsive actions. Sadly, they could not do much about it because every time they tried explaining Mayank he would burst out in anger. 

Now, do you notice anything common in all three children?  Well, for starters they all show symptoms and signs of ADHD. It is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects 10 million children in India every year. 

It is characterized by limited attention span, hyperactivity, impulsivity, easily irritability, stubbornness, absent-mindedness, and extreme mood swings. When left untreated, these symptoms give rise to low self-esteem, poor academic performance, troubled relationships, and issues in adult life.

Understand The Signs of ADHD

The good news is that it is possible to manage ADHD and help your child achieve their developmental and academic milestones. 

“ADHD is not a disease so I won’t say that you can treat it. Yes, we can help our children manage ADHD and boost their confidence. In my 25 years of practice, I have dealt with more than 300 cases of ADHD and I can say that these children are super intelligent. They are creative, street-smart, and socially aware as well. It is just that they need that extra support to manage ADHD and once they learn how to do that then OMG.. these kids are on fire!”  smiles the expert Child Counsellor at Holistic Living

As parents, it is natural to worry about your child. However, one thing that is most detrimental to your child’s future is staying in denial that your child may have ADHD. Ignoring the signs will only delay their therapy progress. So, if you notice any different behaviors or actions from your child then it is best to consult a child psychologist and take help on time. 

Mayank’s father shares a rather heartfelt conversation with us. He says, “My son was like this ever since he was a young kid. There were teachers who urged us to see a child psychologist but we would dismiss them because we could not accept that our child is ‘crazy’ or ‘mental’. Now, I realize that these are just silly stereotypes. ADHD is not my child’s identity and ever since he has started taking therapy to manage ADHD I can see major improvements in him. I still wish I had helped him sooner” 

The expert Child Psychologists at Holistic Living have many years of experience in helping children manage ADHD. They combine various therapeutic techniques including talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, and even hypnotherapy to give the child a holistic approach to manage ADHD.

Visit Us At Our Centre- Holistic Living Wellness Studio 

They aim at increasing the child’s confidence and self-esteem and focusing more on their strengths rather than weaknesses. Every child is unique and it is a huge loss when we try to fit them into one particular image. That is why the child psychologist at Holistic Living helps them to build a strong mindset and equip them with skills so that they can manage ADHD or any other concern on their own. 

“It is just amazing how the child counselor has developed such a strong bond with Dhruv. He actually looks forward to the sessions. I have consulted child counselors before but it was always such a serious process but at Holistic Living, there is a fun approach that has definitely helped my child manage ADHD” beams Rupali.

Jiya, the naughtiest in the bunch has shown tremendous progress as well. She completes her homework on time (not always though) and has become the class favorite. Her mother is particularly happy with the fact that Jiya is making a lot more friends than before and enjoying her precious school days. 

ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, or any other developmental concern is not a child’s identity, and it definitely should be seen as a roadblock to having an awesome childhood and a successful future. 

You can help your child manage ADHD by giving them the support and help they require on time. Child Counselling is not only limited to children but also involves parents in the process. 

“Educating the parents and helping them learn various techniques and tricks is the biggest contributor to the child’s success. It is only with the trust and support of the parents that we can help children manage ADHD and become the best version of themselves” says an expert child counselor. 

Help Your Child Manage ADHD. Connect With The Best Child Counsellor Today.

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