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A Happiness Coach shares 7 Tips for a Happy Life

A Happiness Coach shares 7 Tips for a Happy Life

7 Tips on Living Happy Life from an expert Happiness Coach

Want to start Happy Life? We often hear people talking about letting go of the past and embracing the present without worrying about our futures. Even all new year wishes, people talking about letting the past go and Be Happy… Brooding over our past actions or concerns or even certain circumstances or situations like for the future not only robs us of enjoying the present but also limits our capacity to live a wholesome life.

But how exactly are we supposed to escape the web of reflection when all of our present decisions are affected by our past actions? Our expert Happiness Coach tells us how!

Here are some tips for Happy Life:

Happy Life

1.Acknowledge And Accept Your Past

It is impossible to be truly present in the current moment if you haven’t come to terms with your past and start living in present. Acknowledge your past. Talk about it to a friend or a family member, express how you feel about it. Accept whatever might have happened. If it troubles you, try to forgive it. Be happy about your past accomplishments but don’t dwell on them. Move on and get closer to your present. This will allow you to live a happy life.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Get rid of items from your past that may no longer be of use. Too much clutter occupies your mind, it brings back old memories and distracts you, and makes you stop living happily. Studies show that it shuns creativity and your ability to think clearly. When the past will have no power over you, you’ll only have the present to think about.

3. Plan Your Work

Dream big. Make great plans for the future. Make detailed plans and lists of all the things that you have to do to accomplish your dream. Then take up one task at a time and completely dedicate yourself to it. Remember that dreaming about the future cannot be a substitute for doing all that you still have to do today. Doing these small things makes you live a happy life.

4. Embrace the Uncertainties of Life

Accept the fact that everything in life is uncertain. The future cannot be relied upon, in fact, there is no way to know if we will even have a future for ourselves. The only moment we have control over is the present moment. The sooner we embrace the fact that the only thing certain is uncertainty, the easier it will become to be mindful of the present moment and work towards building a promising future.

5. Welcome Change

If you often find yourself distracting away from your present it may be because you are stuck in a rut. Introduce changes in your routine. Engage in a new hobby. Catch up with friends. Make new connections. Go on a trip. Get a makeover done. Making your now better will help you overcome your past and stop stressing about the future.

Happy Life

6.Seek Help

If you are having trouble moving on from your past or are occupied by anxiety about future events, seek help. Talk to a friend. See a happiness coach. Focus on what you can control instead of things you cannot change. Never be ashamed to ask for help. Mental health professionals are trained to suggest coping mechanisms suitable to our situation.

7. Be Aware of Your Surroundings :

Mindfulness is a meditative practice in which your focus is entirely on being aware of the senses and feelings in the present moment without judgment. It includes various breathing visualisation methods and are known to be very beneficial in stress reduction and boosting overall happiness. If you follow these small steps you will come more closer to a holistic and happy life.

A Happiness Coach will help you understand that even though your past is what has shaped you, it is still only a part of you, not the complete you. And your future entirely depends on the choices that you make in the present, doesn’t it? You cannot turn back time to go back in the past and make different choices. And there is no way to see how your choices will affect your future. All that you have control over is a single moment. To know more about to start a happy life you can visit our wellness platform to get in touch with our expert happiness coach. You could also visit our wellness store for products related to a happy life.

If you can live one moment at a time why not make it the present !! and Be Happy 

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