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Social Anxiety? 7 Ways To Get Rid Of It Now!

Social Anxiety? 7 Ways To Get Rid Of It Now!

Don’t let your social anxiety be a hindrance to your enjoyment!

Making excuses to avoid outings with friends? Remember, “Life is too short to make any excuse”. This article will help you deal with your social anxiety and give you some easy tricks to start enjoying your hang-outs with friends. People suffer from social anxiety or some people only have this issue while going to have fun.

Disposing of our social dread is vital to confront the outer world. If we are able to enjoy the outings with our friends and socialize, it will benefit us professionally as well. All these seemed very difficult to me 5 years back. If I had not met a coach from The Holistic Living, I might still be stuck in my life, not meeting up with friends and wasting my life over my social anxiety. These tips have helped me to overcome my fright and now I am confident enough to face the world. And yes, the outings with my friends excite me the most!

  1. Confidence is the key:

Wherever you go, whether to a business meeting or an outing with a friend you have to be confident. Nobody likes to hang out or make a deal with a person who is not so sure about himself or herself. You can enjoy outings with friends only if you have the confidence within yourself to talk to them and present your point of view. And then only you will be able to make friends and get rid of your social fear.

  1. Try a small group:
social anxiety
Start with a small group

Initially, it might become difficult for a person to hang out with big groups and he or she can face social anxiety. If you really want to start enjoying yourself, start with small groups. When I had started to socialize, I remember the first day I had gone out with two friends to a café. It had helped me to speak more and present myself as who I am. After that outing, I felt comfortable enough to go out with a bunch of more people and I had started enjoying hang-outs and social events a lot.


  1. Focus on your friends:

When you have gone out somewhere with a friend, stop focusing on yourself. Quit pondering about how you look, how you smell, what others might be thinking about you, or any other question like that. Instead, focus on what your friends are telling and participate in the conversations. Only then will you be able to truly enjoy an outing and forget about your social anxiety. I have always tried to be active in every conversation topic so that I forget about myself at that time.

  1. Engage with people online:

If talking face-to-face poses a problem for you, you can start by talking to people over chats, and eventually, you will start liking to socialize. Even if you have social anxiety, start talking to them over messages. Text a close friend asking about their day. This will make your meetings more comfortable and joyful. You will surely be able to converse with them.

  1. Start talking face to face:

If you are on an outing, stop scrolling your phone or just observing people. You might be out with a small group or a big one. One “What is going on in your lives currently?” question can initiate a conversation. Yes, it might be tough for you to do that. So, for once just close your eyes, breathe and ask that question right away. The topics that will follow can really give you an amazing lunch or dinner. And yes, that question has saved me from so many socially awkward situations. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Start going to events:
social anxiety
Dont let social anxiety become your anchor

If you feel scared of going to hang-outs with known people, try attending social events. You will not know anyone and still be attending a party with so many people. I have tried this many times and it has helped me to gain confidence over myself and sometimes, I connected with two or three people as well. When you can network with strangers, enjoying an outing with friends becomes very easy.

  1. Play a game:

If you feel socially awkward on a day trip, propose to play a game. Games can always enhance the excitement within people and you will also easily be able to get rid of your social anxiety. Some games that I used to play to bring out topics for conversations or feel comfortable within the groups are Truth and Dare, or Charades. So, don’t think much and pick a game to play!

As I said, earlier I have missed too many opportunities due to my social anxiety but our lives are short. There is no time to sit back and think about going out with friends. When I began hanging out with a small group of friends, it gave me the courage to attend various types of social events. Every above-mentioned step is interlinked. If you follow one, I assure you that you will have the urge to follow the next. If I can overcome my social anxiety why cannot you?


There will be times when you feel that you still are feeling awkward and not able to enjoy outings with friends. No need to worry. Book yourself an exclusive session with one of the self-help coaches or a CBT practitioner at The Holistic Living platform. They can provide numerous solutions to your problems and you can get rid of your social anxiety faster! You can also check out their blogs section and wellness store as well. GO AND ENJOY YOURSELF AT PARTIES AND OUTINGS EVEN MORE!

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