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Use Gemstones to Influence Your Life

Use Gemstones to Influence Your Life

Here is a brief guide to healing gemstones and how they function, connect with a spiritual coach to get more information on how gemstones can help you heal your life!

A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewellery or other adornments. Although gemstones are naturally made from minerals but materials such as jet or amber or rocks like leaps lazuli are also utilized in the creation of gemstones. A precious gemstone has beauty, durability, and rarity, whereas a semiprecious gemstone has limited qualities.

Every individual is born under a particular star sign and has a ruling planet. There are nine planets in the birth chart and each planet’s path is marked as ascending, descending, in transit giving the individual their nature, strength, and weaknesses. As per the literature available, all those planets play a very important role in every individual’s life. Each gem represents one planet and they all have beneficial properties on the human mind and body when worn in a correct manner and at the right time as suggested by experts in the field. One can expect the following key benefits of wearing gemstones

  • Help in connecting with Inner Consciousness
  • These stones generate positive vibes and healing properties
  • Precious stones have a calming and soothing effect on individuals
  • Help you to stay focused and concentrate on your goals in life.
  • Stones are effectively a practical tool to live a peaceful life.
  • The stone acts as a cleansing agent removing the negative energies.


  1. Ruby – represents the Sun helps the wearer achieve triumph in life, determination, courage, motivation, passion, spirituality, virtues, and renown. It improves an individual’s capacity to command, leadership qualities, independence, strong will and determination, spirituality, and purity.
  2. Yellow Sapphire – represents the planet Jupiter and enhances the right judgment, compassion, enthusiasm, communication skills, wisdom, and intelligence. The wearer achieves promotion, prosperity, profit, a life of comfort, and luxury.
  3. Diamond –represents the planet Venus helps achieve social reputation, fame, grace, victory over enemies, peace, serenity, good luck, long life, and artistic qualities, those who wish to have children, allure, and attractiveness.
  4. Blue Sapphire – represents the planet Saturn. It helps to balance wealth, prosperity, and detachment, social status, professional elevation, intuitive foresight, righteousness, good luck, calmness, practicality, endurance, etc.
  5. Pearl – represents the Moon giving the wearer a feeling of contentment, marital bliss, peace, mental strength, friendliness, outer beauty, inner beauty, enhances emotional stability.
  6. Emerald – represents the planet mercury. Green in color it gives the wearer many powers of wisdom, intellect, love, communication, improves memory, creative imaginations, and mental alertness.
  7. Red Coral – represents Mars giving one the ability to become bold, insight, conquers the enemies, and improves courage.
  8. Garnet – represents Dragon’s heads/Rahu. It helps the wearer achieve social reputation, occupational reputation, sense of discrimination, sense of clarity, developing uniqueness, and originality.
  9. Cat’s Eye – represents the planet Dragon’s tail/Ketu. It helps the wearer to let go of the doubts and uncertainties related to life and occupation, gives mental peace and grasping power, good judgment, and discrimination, great insight, work concentration, etc.

All the above-mentioned gemstones work holistically and in a balanced way but we must choose the right gemstone with the help of experts and as per your issues, needs, desires, and goals …With the right selection of suitable gemstone, you can positively influence your life any of the following ways

  • gemstonesPhysical Healing: These gems can deeply purify and help your physical body to heal, promote the release of toxins and negative energies in your body and support the immune system which is very much needed in this pandemic situation.
  • Emotional Healing: These gems can help in developing inner peace and happiness, improve the emotional balance, and help heal some of the mental imbalances.
  • Mental Improvement: Some of the therapeutic gems can clear and focus the mind, increase our mental potential, and help us to heal certain imbalances mentally.
  • Karmic Resolution: These therapeutic gems is to help us resolve to limit our karmic patterns for a greater sense of inner freedom, healthier relationships, and improved mental and physical health.
  • Higher Consciousness: These gems can help to heighten our spiritual awareness, abolishing the impediments to our higher states of consciousness, and also to strengthen our intuition.
  • Multidimensional Healing: Many of the therapeutic gemstones work holistically, most gems focus primarily on any one dimension of our being. However, there are some gems whose work is particularly diverse in nature, which results in profound effects on more than one dimension. Hence, these gems are especially versatile.
  • Flourishing Today: In today’s challenging scenario, some gemstones help us to adapt and even thrive among these rapidly changing situations. These gems are very powerful aids for living healthily and harmoniously in our changing scenario and for rising to new levels of vitality and growth.
  • Maintaining Balance: The main focus of these gemstones is empowering your feminine or masculine aspect and fostering a balance between them. These gems can help you to restore your self-confidence and physical vigor, helping to resolve relationship issues, and also to repair endocrine imbalances.
  • Nature’s Nourishing Energies: These gemstones focus on healing, energizing, and nourishing our physical body.

Some weak or malicious planets have a physical and mental impact that can hurt an individual’s personal or professional life but wearing the right gemstone can help the individual’s mind and body and also helps to dispel the negative forces.

Gemstones Information and guidance shared above can help you to influence your life in many ways. In order to get maximum benefits, we recommend you consult with Gem experts/Astrologers/Spiritual coaches and understand it in a better way. You can also visit our Wellness Store to get a Gemstone for yourself.

Tune in to our community wellness platform and connect to the different spiritual coaches who can help guide you on your wellness journey and bring a positive change in your life through the power of gemstones!

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