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Farheen’s Inspirational Story About Choosing Life, Even at 35!

Farheen’s Inspirational Story About Choosing Life, Even at 35!

If a movie was ever made about your life, would it be one filled with inspiring moments or would it be a dull one marked with regrets? The same question haunted Farheen when she turned 35 years old and she realized that most of her life was spent stuck in her comfort zone. She never truly tasted the spark of life and wished she had been more open and brave. Was it too late for her to step out of her comfort zone and start living freely?


Story of Farheen
Jio Zindagi Dil Khol Ke

Hi, I am Farheen, a 35-year-old woman who spent all her 30 years staying in her comfort zone.

In my school days, I only had exactly four friends. I never participated in the school events or even raised my hand in the class to answer. I always remained on the sidelines, making no noise and hoping nobody would notice me.

The same thing continued in college as well. I had one friend with whom I did everything. I had no wish or intent to socialize or create college memories which most of us look back at and cherish when we are old and done. I spent 5 years in college and I have no memories to share! When farewell came, I could see everyone tearing up but I felt nothing and that is when it hit me that I wasted so much of my life doing absolutely nothing simply because I loved my comfort zone a little too much.

After I passed out from college, I realized that something was missing in my life. I felt alone most of the time, not because nobody wanted to be my friend but because I created such strong walls that it automatically shut everyone out. I did not want to live like this anymore. My schools days were gone and my college days were lost. I was entering a new phase of my life and I did not want that to become a complete waste too.

However, shortly after my college I got married. It was certainly a major change in m life but it was a change that I did not consent to. If I had been given a choice, I would have spent a few more years trying to pursue my dreams. I settled down in the role of a housewife, and then a mother. Both the roles are very close to my heart and I do my level best to fulfil my duties but something always felt missing. I had lived for 30 years, but hardly ever experienced the adventures of life. I never dared to try out new things, explore unknown places, and even lacked the courage to stand up for my dreams. I was trapped in my comfort zone. I got a rude awakening when I had a bitter fight with my husband who for a minute did not hesitate to remind me that I had not seen or done anything in life. It was a rude awakening but a much needed one!

I searched online for answers and eventually decided to see a life coach who’d help me figure out how I can step out of my comfort zone and experience life fearlessly. As the sessions proceeded, I learned so much about myself! I held many irrational beliefs about myself, had pretty low self-esteem, and had some deeply rooted fears of abandonment. Uff!

I am still a work in progress. However, I can see myself changing for the better. I have definitely not become ‘Bunny’ from yeh jawani hai deewani but at least I have built up enough confidence and courage to be open to new experiences and step out of my comfort zone from time to time.

However, I really wish I had realized this sooner. When I hear people talk enthusiastically about their school and college days, and the infinite amount of memories they made, I can’t help but regret not being brave. I feel I learned this lesson a little too late, but, better now than never, right?!

Thank you so much for reading my story <3

Cheers to Farheen for not giving up on herself, and taking charge of her life. She made a powerful choice to take control of her life and take action towards a happier and healthier life. Her decision to consult a life coach definitely proved to be a fruitful one, and we love to see how she is designing her own destiny. 

Never miss out on the beauty of life. Jiyo Zindagi Dil Khol Ke! 

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