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Experienced Energy Healers & Spiritual Masters in Mumbai

Experienced Energy Healers & Spiritual Masters in Mumbai

Consulting experienced energy healers and spiritual masters can be a life-transformative experience. They can serve as a trusted guide in your spiritual journey, helping you move closer to your dream life.

The Holistic Living Wellness Center in Mumbai is a reputed platform for varied energy healing services in Mumbai. Our energy healers have 20+ years of experience in Reiki, Qi Gong, Quantum, Shamic, and Chakra Healing.

They practice essential counseling skills such as genuine empathy, effective communication, a non-judgmental attitude, and unconditional acceptance.

The experienced energy healers at Holistic Living Wellness Center in Mumbai have helped many individuals overcome their life issues and find true happiness, attract abundance, and build loving relationships.

In this article, we have shared three success stories that testify to the transformative power of Energy Healing, and the incredible support of experienced energy healers.

Success Story #1: Letting Go Of Control

I used to suffer from chronic anxiety. I needed to be in control of everything. That was the only way I could predict outcomes and manage my anxious personality. I was terrified of uncertainty and sudden changes. I had a hard time leaving my comfort zone or trying new experiences.

My anxiety restricted my growth. I stayed on the sidelines, never dared to take risks, and always settled for less.

My need for control was evident in my romantic relationships. My fears influenced my actions, behaviors, and choices. The slightest change in my partner’s tone or behavior would make me panic.

Most of the time I was stuck in my head, imagining everything that could go wrong. I had some deep-rooted abandonment issues!

Everything changed for me when I consulted Mr. Sanjeev Mittal. He is one of the most experienced energy healers in Mumbai.

The sessions helped me silence my mind, and experience inner tranquility. I don’t exactly know what he did… but after every session, I felt this unknown power inside me like I could do anything. It empowered me to take charge of my life, and consciously work on changing my mindset.

My anxiety reduced, and so did my need for control. I was okay if things happened my way, and okay if they did not. This mindset completely changed the dynamics of my relationship. I enjoyed being with my partner instead of overthinking all the time.

For the first time in my life, I understood what a peaceful connection feels like.

Success Story #2: Healing Past Wounds

I used to suffer from persistent back pain. I did everything to overcome this pain, but nothing worked in the long term. I did not want to become dependent on medicines.

So, I explored alternative treatments and that is when I came across Holistic Living Wellness Center. I was intrigued by the concept of integrating mind, body, and soul.

It made so much sense to me because everything is interconnected. Our mind influences physical well-being, and we need to replenish our souls to feel truly happy.

Energy Healing at Holistic Living Wellness Center was a transformative experience. I wanted to just cure my back pain, but I ended up healing my past wounds and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

When the experienced energy healer conducted aura scanning, he found deep emotional blockages at the base of my spine. He explained how the energy was moving in the limited area instead of flowing upwards. This stagnant energy manifested as chronic back pain.

(Awaken your chakras- connect with experienced energy healers in Mumbai)

I thought the spiritual healer would use some techniques to remove the blockages and get my chakras back on track but that did not happen!

He encouraged me to open up about my life experiences.

Being the eldest child in my family, I assumed severe responsibilities after my father passed away. I took it upon myself to take care of my mother and my younger siblings. I sacrificed my dreams, ambitions, and desires, and diverted all my energy into being a provider and protector for my family.

I seldom expressed my emotions because I did not want to burden anybody. I always put up a brave face for them no matter what.

The energy healer told me, “Even if you train your mind to ignore your emotions, your body will store them, and they will come out somehow. One must clear the clutter by acknowledging their wounds, healing them, and making space for true joy and love”

This was an eye-opener for me. All these years I had neglected my emotional well-being. This had created nothing but resentment toward life.

Energy Healing helped me to heal those wounds and experience deep peace, happiness, and positivity. My back pain disappeared, but more importantly, I learned to balance the art of receiving and giving.

Success Story #3: Clearing Dark Energies

It was only four months before our wedding when I almost called it off. For some reason, nothing seemed to go right! We were facing unnecessary delays and blockages in all our plans.

My partner and I would fight over silly issues. No matter how much we tried we kept facing the same problems all over again. I felt like I was stuck in a loop. There was so much confusion and frustration and we all just felt mentally exhausted.

(Achieve inner peace- connect with experienced energy healers in Mumbai)

I was scared that our relationship would fall apart or this was a sign from the universe that we were not meant for each other. I thought it would be best to end everything rather than live in this constant turmoil.

But meeting Mr. Sanjeev Mittal changed everything! He is an amazing person with profound spiritual knowledge. He could instantly detect the presence of dark energies. My partner and I were under the influence of evil eye.

His healing techniques cleared those negative energies and provided strong protection against the evil eye. He suggested keeping our wedding private and practicing patience.

His guidance helped my partner and I to navigate the challenges and restore our connection. I am forever indebted to him because when I had lost all hope, he came as a guiding light and saved our marriage.

Energy healing is an alternative practice that regulates the flow of energy, allowing our chakras to function smoothly. This helps to overcome blockages, break negative patterns, resolve anxiety, stress, and sleep issues, and heal chronic pains.

Connect with experienced energy healers and overcome your life issues. Call/WhatsApp 91-9321073548 or Click This Link to book a session today!

Visit The Holistic Living Wellness Center, Chembur, Bandra, Mumbai-India.

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