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Health & Diet Plan for Weight Loss: 7 Tips

Health & Diet Plan for Weight Loss: 7 Tips

Health & Diet Plan for Weight Loss: 7 Tips

We have some tips to help you develop a health and diet plan for weight loss.

I want to share my weight loss story with all of you. Being overweight is a huge problem in today’s world. Every person desires to be slim and fit. People start with regular workouts, maintain their diet plan for weight loss, and take health supplements. Indeed, these are a few different ways that may help you with losing weight but sometimes the supplements do not suit your body.lose weight

The best way to reduce fat and be fit is to do it organically by just adopting a diet plan for weight loss and following certain methods. Most of the time people are afraid to take up practices thinking that they would be difficult and they might have to stop half-way. You need not be afraid of these questions, now.

Losing weight is important because it helps to reduce the probability of running into diseases. People with obesity are more likely to get chronic diseases. Losing weight will assist you with remaining fit and enthusiastic. You can be more energetic and lively. The best part to lose weight naturally is that you do not necessarily need to hit a gym or stop eating – you simply need a strong health and diet plan for weight loss. Keeping fit is the key to a happy life.

lose weightI am a housewife and have 2 kids, aged 9 and 13. Recently I had gained around 20 kilograms and it affected me and my health largely. I had to take care of both my children and perform household chores as well. With so many events affecting me, I could not look after myself, and that resulted in the deterioration of my health.

This weight gain left me devastated but going to the gym or workout was simply impossible for me. I had shared my problem with one of my friends who suggested me to consult a health therapist at The Holistic Living. I came across these solutions from the coach, who helped me to lose weight in an organic fashion, without investing time in a gym by giving me a personalised health and diet plan for weight loss.

Diet Plan for Weight Loss : 7 Essential Factors

  1. Drink more water:

This might sound absurd, but, yes drinking water can help you lose weight. You should drink water, at least half an hour before having any meal. This increases the metabolism rate of your body, which helps burn out the extra fat. I followed the principle for 1 month and started witnessing positive results.

2. Practice Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent Fasting is an extremely viable method to lose weight. Creating a schedule for fasting in your diet plan for weight loss is important. Every day, I used to skip lunch and have dinner at 8 in the evening. I did fasting in timely intervals for 2 months and lost 5 kilograms. Intermittent fasting can also be done every alternate day but this was not possible for me as I had to perform all the household work and take care of my children as well. It would have affected my health immensely and made me weak.

3. Increase your consumption of fruits and green vegetables:

On your journey to lose weight, you tend to eat less food. This often keeps you hungry and you might face health issues. Fruits and vegetables are very nutritious and good for your health as well. They contain a good amount of water which completes your meal and you will not feel hungry anymore. I used to consume fruits and green vegetables every day and it has helped me a lot. Including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan for weight loss is a must.

4. Choose your eating style wisely:

Now, your eating style is very important. You should always pay attention to what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. In today’s busy life, people have forgotten the correct way of eating. You should always take care of the time and place of eating. This is also known as Mindful eating and it helps a lot to lose weight. I have seen people not eating for days to lose their weight. Instead of losing your weight, this might turn you sick and weak. My coach suggested to me to never stop eating at once. Whatever practice we follow, we should start slowly so that our body has time to adapt to the changes.lose weight

  1. Drink unsweetened beverages:

Having beverages like black coffee and green tea helps in losing weight. They contain caffeine which again turns your metabolism rate high which helps in burning your fat. But the catch is to drink them without any sugar. The best time to drink green tea and black coffee are after lunch or after having breakfast. It helps you to digest food better and burn excessive fat. Thus, having unsweetened beverages can help you reduce weight.

  1. Exercise:

There might be a time management problem for most of the homemakers but if you are dedicated, there is a solution for you. With 2 small kids, it seemed impossible for me to workout. So, why not just invest half an hour for walking? Take out some time and go for active walking. This will help you to burn out your belly fat. You can also take out some time for yoga early morning. Yoga helps massively in weight loss and burning calories. Yes, it will be difficult for you in the beginning but you can take up from once a week and then move ahead to twice or thrice in a week.

  1. Follow your hobby:

This tip might sound a little strange to you, right? Everyone loves at least one kind of sport. When I took my kids to play in a park in the evening time, I joined them in playing badminton and that has really added to my weight loss journey. Swimming is also an effective method to lose weight as it includes aggressive movement of your body. Swimming helped me immensely in my weight loss journey. You need not play badminton or necessarily swim, but any kind of sport you like and I assure you that it will help you reduce weight.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver’. My health conditions have improved since I started practising the above tips. I just had to make some minor modifications to my diet and the results were positive. It is never too difficult to achieve what you want. If you are busy with work or as a homemaker, losing weight naturally is the best option for you.

Are you still confused about how to begin your weight loss journey? Or are you facing any difficulty while practising any methods? The Holistic Living provides sessions with experienced health coaches who will guide you through your weight loss journey. There are health-related products available at the wellness stores that can help you in your weight loss journey.

You can also read many of their blogs which can help you to lose weight. There are books available at the wellness store which gives you some amazing tips on how to lose weight.  There are experts who can help you not only with health-related problems but with every aspect of your life. Do not be afraid to lose weight. Go and take up these practices and let this year be YOUR year!


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