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How to Develop a Soulful Relationship With Your Partner

How to Develop a Soulful Relationship With Your Partner

Want to have a soulful relationship with your partner? 

We all have heard that maintaining a healthy relationship is not very easy. There are a lot of good and bad times and some arguments are bound to happen when two people live together. But holding on to your partner, despite the issues is what matters. You should never give up, rather work on improving your relationship and flourish your love.

Improving your relationship is imperative to adhere to one another. It gives you harmony and you can remain content with your partner. It gives you a fresh perspective on life and is necessary for spending more time with your partner. No one can possibly spend their lives in isolation. Recently, I have been facing some issues with my partner which very frequently lead to heated arguments. We were quite frustrated and were on the verge of breaking it off.

I came across a relationship coach from The Holistic Living who helped me to view my relationship differently and we were able to make a fresh and happy start.

  1. Spend time with your partner:

Everyone is occupied with their work and life is busy. Not spending time with your partner can detach you from them. My friend and her husband had been hitched for 3 years. Recently, they had been so busy with their work that they merely spent time with each other. This led to frequent fights regarding small matters and due to frustration, they decided to break-up. I had suggested them to go on vacation for some days and talk it out.  When I met them after some time they looked happy and satisfied.


  1. Be aware of each other’s emotional triggers:

Everybody conveys an impact of their past into a relationship. In this way, you ought to know about what can trigger your better half. There might be things that you say, he or she might get hurt as something like that may have happened with them in the past.  Your partner may have set some boundaries, and you should always respect them.

  1. Listen to each other:

Listening and paying attention to what your partner is telling you is vital. This has been a problem in my relationship for a long time. Whenever we sat down to talk, we were either busy with our phones or struggling to put our own point of view without listening to the other person. This is where the problem lies. Whenever you talk to your partner, make sure you are listening to what they are saying and have a proper conversation. Always take interest in what they are saying and that might help you to listen to them properly.

  1. Appreciate:

One key to having a healthy relationship is to appreciate your other half. Maybe they have achieved something that they desired for a long time, or they have gotten a promotion, you should always express that you are proud of them. Even it is a small gesture, do appreciate them as it will make them happy and the roots of your relationship stronger.

  1. Give each other some private space:

A lot of times it happens that you are not in a good mood and you need your own space. Your partner might be willing to spend time with you but you know that your bad mood might spoil the situation. Just tell your partner that you need some time and explain to them why.

I have an incident to share, my friend recently had a break-up, the reason for it, being an over-heated argument. His better half had a bad day at work and thus wanted to spend some time alone. My friend wanted to spend some time with her and there was a disagreement. Following it was an argument that lead to the break-up. This explains to us how important it is to give each other some private space.


  1. Don’t assume, ask:

As it is said, communication is the key to every healthy relationship. There are times when you are utterly confused about what your partner must be thinking or what they are expecting from you. Without assuming anything, ask them questions about the matter. This will prevent misunderstanding between you both and you can fulfill each other’s expectations.

  1. Show affection to your partner:

Here comes the last and the most important tip. Always express whatever you feel for your partner. Let them know that you love them by performing some small gestures like giving them a flower, or hugging them. This helps to create a stronger bond between you both.

By following these tips and understanding each other better, my relationship has come to a better phase. We have started to spend time with each other and appreciating each other. If you can just maintain proper communication with each other, that might solve more than half of the problems of your relationship.

You do not need to break off or think much about your relationship anymore. Schedule sessions with some great relationship coaches at The Holistic Living. There are many guides available that can help you make your relationship a healthy one. There are various books on relationships as well that can guide you on the correct path to improve your relationship.

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