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Young Love In The Adolescent Years

Young Love In The Adolescent Years

Young Love: Talking to Kids About Dating | ParentMap

As an adolescent, early love can be a source of distraction. Love, no matter what your age, is a perplexing emotion. Teenage years are typically associated with the first encounters with romantic young love, which differs from love felt for parents, pets, and even toys. Love is a fascinating mystery; let childhood love be a pleasurable, rather than a terrible, experience.

The First Love

Many teenagers spend far too much time fretting over adolescent love. A romantic relationship, especially the first one, fills your body with excitement and energy. Who could outrun that rush? Don’t, however, throw caution to the wind. When it comes to young love, the word of the day is “caution.”

While this is not likely to be good news, it is vital to realize that young love rarely lasts. Of course, your initial thinking is, “but it’s different for us…” It’s critical not to lose sight of what young love truly is. Young love, particularly first love, is passionate. It can be pretty frightening because it is so intense. This fervor will make the love appear stronger than it is. This is a time for pleasure and progress as a teen, not for heavy-duty.

Don’t waste your exciting teen dating years on a heavy love relationship, especially if you know it will end. Accepting the unavoidable will lead to relationship happiness and dating fun, rather than heartbreak and pain.

Savor Young Love
This is not to argue that you should avoid young love entirely; rather, savor it. Young love, a fleeting occurrence, is the stuff of fairy tales and dreams. Encourage the fun factor by relieving you and your boyfriend or girlfriend of stress. As an adolescent, you don’t need to be seeking a life mate; simply someone exciting to spend time with.

First loves are the stuff of which memories are created. Every adolescent recalls their first love, and it sets the tone for all subsequent relationships. How would you like to be remembered? Allow this notion to govern your own relationship decisions.

There isn’t any love yet.
What if you haven’t experienced the tingling of first love? Don’t worry; millions of teenagers will not experience love till they are much older. Be patient and rest assured that you can divert your attention to more exciting activities.

Young Love and Passion
Passion and love, especially early love, are inextricably linked. Depending on how you use it, your passion will either be your greatest achievement or failure. When it comes to love, whether it’s a guy or your car, the more you put into it, the more difficult it is to let go when it all falls apart.

Whatever your passions are, don’t allow them to take over your life. It’s all too easy to let go of everything else in the early phases of love. Homework, family duties, and jobs all seem insignificant until that man in math class finally asks you out.

He’s adorable with a capital C. Just don’t miss basketball practice or your brother’s birthday to meet up with him. Then, at the very least, when the enthusiasm has subsided, you have the basketball team to fall back on.

Instead, let your enthusiasm drive you. Learn about yourself to gain a deeper understanding of what and who you love and why. Make yourself a more complete person who is easy to adore. You instantly become more appealing to yourself and others by balancing your self-esteem and confidence. Instead of avoiding your overwhelming feelings, look within and strive to better understand who you truly are.

Allow this period of adolescent transition to be an opportunity to prepare for the rigors and stresses of adulthood.

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Healthy relationships
While it may begin to seem like a broken record by the age of sixteen, consider these years to be your preparation for maturity. Although you may believe you are an adult, the truth is that you are not. Hey, that’s fine too… you can still have fun while others shoulder the majority of the responsibilities.

Instead of focusing on the intensity of early love, allow it to guide you toward healthier relationships. This will finally assure your relationship success in the future.

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